Travel to Montenegro – the Mediterranean at your feet

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Travel to Montenegro with beautiful mountains, and the Mediterranean.

Travel to Montenegro with the beautiful black mountains and the Mediterranean is pretty close to well-known Croatia which in recent years has become a very popular international travel destination, but Montenegro is close by in more ways than one. Montenegro really means the “Black Mountain” and has only been independent since they reached independence from Serbia by a referendum in 2006.

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Life’s quiet walk in Kotor

Life in Kotor is very relaxed, and if you like street vendors and people sitting outside the restaurants who absolutely have to eat at their usual table, then you should travel to Montenegro. Here you choose what you want and the pace is low. We were 2 adults and 2 children off. We flew with Norwegian directly to the airport a little outside Kotor. Easy and easy to get from the airport. Takes about a 15-minute taxi ride to Kotor and a little further to the seaside resort of Budva. Pay attention to the prices of the Taxi. If they are ordered in advance, they cost half of what they cost if you hail them on the spot. If you book in advance you get a fixed price and otherwise the taximeter runs and it runs fast. We had a nice little apartment with 2 bedrooms, kitchen/living room, and a bath and a nice balcony.

panorama-of-budva-in-montenegro. Travel to Montenegro

panorama-of-budva-in-montenegro. Travel to Montenegro

In total, there were 6 apartments connected to the complex with access to the swimming pool, and “self-service” bar. In the bar, the fridge was stocked with beer, water, soft drinks, and small wine bottles. Flat price of 1 Euro no matter what you took and you just put a line on a piece of paper and settled when you finished your holiday. Perfect for both children and adults. The hotel was called Apartments Bogdanovic.

Montenegro and sea

Montenegro and the blue sea

Travel to Montenegro and see the mountains and white sandy beaches

Montenegro itself consists of many fine mountains and beautiful water. The landscape itself is very atypical for what we normally expect from the South of Europe. Here it actually reminds more of the Norwegian West – but where there are about 200 rainy days a year in Norway, nothing bad can be said about the weather in Montenegro. It was excellent. Kotor itself is not a typical resort town. Despite the long coastline, sand and beach are missing. So people are bathing almost from the road where small plateaus are made. If you want to have a typical southern beach, you must go to Budva. On the other hand, Kotor has the most charming “Old Town”. Framed by ancient castle walls you walk around in narrow streets and experience a mood that is completely unique. And here too you can be allowed to go to peace and suck the impressions for you. The standard of the food is generally good and the prices are particularly fair. We ate well and typically the bill was for us all 4 (the kids 12, and 15) in one place between 60 and Euro. It was incl. Beer, wine, water and dessert for the kids. As far as the children are concerned, a week in Kotor for children may be a little long. But fortunately, there is not far to Budva. Here is the speed somewhat higher and I had the two gunpowder to Budva to spend a day at Aquapark while their mother got a well-deserved rest on a beach chair at the hotel. The Aqua Park itself is absolutely stunning, far up in the mountains and they look down at Budva itself. The park is as they are most and there was the same relaxed atmosphere you experience throughout Montenegro. The kids had a nice day and it could all be kept for under 150 Euro for 3 people for a full day. In other words. It was a bit of a chance to visit a country we did not know very well for – but we were very positively surprised and certainly come back.

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