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The Republic of Tajikistan is an extremely mountainous, landlocked country in Central Asia. It is a very large country and it borders Afghanistan in the south, The People´s Republic of China in the north and Uzbekistan in the west.

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Read here what Viktor´s grandmother had to say about it:

“Tajikistan was the goal Ole Olufsen, of one of Denmark´s great explorers and the first European after the Russians to lead expeditions to this region in the late 1800´s, was trying to reach. Viktor´s grandmother followed in his footsteps on our trip to Tajikistan.

The country has not developed a viable infrastructure for tourism yet – the majority of those who visit the country are mountain-climbers or trekkers. So any journey around Tajikistan is, in effect, an expedition, but it is a wholly unique experience.

This mountainous country in Central Asia, north of Afghanistan and east of China, is in many ways quite different from the other countries in that region. The language is Farsi or Persian, the same language as that spoken in Iran, while Old Ottoman Turkish is spoken in the four other Central Asian countries.

The mountains are the highest in what was formerly called the Soviet Union. The mountain peak formerly known as Communism, now rechristened Ismoil Somoni Peak is 7,500 metres high.

But between these Himalayan- like mountains, there are barren plains of sand or rose-coloured shale. It may not be as green and lush as its neighbouring country, Kirgizstan, to the north, but it has its own special brand of beauty and a style all of its own.”

Thanks to modern irrigation, small villages do flourish in isolated oases with cotton plantations, gardens, vineyards and even fruit orchards in some places.

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Capital: Dushanbe

Area: 143,100 sq. km.

Currency: Tajikistani somoni

President: Emomalii Rahmon

Population: 8,482 million (2015)

Official language: Tajik

Source: Wikipedia

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