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Intrepid Travel

Being Intrepid is an attitude: a willingness to get away from home, to be curious, to be challenged, and to be open to new perspectives and experiences.

Our travelers are of all ages and come from all walks of life, but they share a desire to forge genuine connections throughout the journey. They are united not by origin but by where they go.

Intrepid’s immersive adventures take travelers beyond the usual tourist spots and down the road less traveled. It’s about opening doors that you can only find with a local friend, to hide a destiny and discover what makes it work. It’s about connecting with like-minded locals and travelers in a meaningful way, making the big world feel smaller and more connected.

With an average group size of just 10 people, we can eat, sleep, and hit the local road, going where the biggest groups can’t and becoming more than just a face in the crowd. Our smaller group sizes also mean we can walk lightly, having a positive impact on local communities and the environment.

We understand that our travelers need a balance between the guidance of a local leader and making their own discoveries. That is why our itineraries offer planned activities with varied inclusions and plenty of free time.

With over 1,000 itineraries exploring more than 100 countries, there are many ways to be fearless with Intrepid Travel.

We do this by offering an immersive style of adventure travel that benefits both our travelers and the people and places they visit.

Today, we offer the world’s widest range of adventure travel, or experience-rich, sustainable travel, as we prefer to call it.

We are comprised of three brands of tour operators, more than 25 destination management companies and a non-profit foundation. Globally, in 2019 we had more than 2,400 employees and leaders in more than 40 offices worldwide.

Our common thread? We are all passionate about using local knowledge to take our travelers off the beaten path. For us, it’s about offering the most authentic experience possible.

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