International Airports across the world

See which are the most relevant international airports in the world for your travel plans,  and what they can offer from a vacation/holiday perspective.

Is there a flight from your place to there? How far to the nearest big city? Shopping opportunities? Links to booking on the fly, if you feel inspired. We will build that information as we go along and link it to posts about the best holiday destinations in the relevant countries.

Changi Airport, sSngapore

Changi Airport in Singapore is the airport of the future

When you mention international airports, one is very hard to miss. Whether you’re heading out, home or on a layover, it’s good information to know what these airports are like. Does it make you consider changing your route for a more relaxing layover or seeing a new country en route? Is it close to the city, how is transfer, etc.
As an example: The most impressive almost futuristic airport right now is arguably the Changi Airport in Singapore, worth a day extra, just to experience, but there are so many international airports catering to your travel needs and interest. It is a competitive market, much to your advantage.

Read more about the following international airports here and more to be added:

Please send an email with relevant info,  if you think an airport or more should be added to this list.

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