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Italy is one of the world´s most classic travel destinations

Italy is one of the largest countries in Europe and encompasses 20 regions – stretching from Trento which nestles up close to Austria all the way to Sicily, the island to the south close to North Africa.

The Trevi Fountain illuminated at night (Fontana di Trevi), Rome

The Trevi Fountain illuminated at night (Fontana di Trevi), Rome

As a destination, the sheer variety of both its landscapes and its regional cultures, food, and architecture, makes it nothing less than fascinating. And through it, all run the very special Italian spirit, charming, vivacious, and eager to share. Here are a couple of suggestions on what to see and do in this destination that has so much to offer.

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Rome and the Colosseum

You should in theory not visit Italy without seeing Rome, Fontana di Trevi, and the Colosseum. The history of this iconic building must be experienced first-hand in order to appreciate the sheer size of this monument and the role it played in the ancient Roman Empire. However, while attractions such as the Colosseum  and Fontana di Trevi in Rome are on many tourists lists of “musts” to see,  especially for city-lovers, Italy is one of the countries that is renowned for being able to offer a whole wealth of other cities and regions to visit, apart from the cultural attractions and city life the  capital offers. You could spend your whole life traveling in Italy and still find something new to explore every day. Even the Italians feel that way.

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Lake Garda, Italy – as stunning as ever

Lake Garda is just one of Italy´s many gems and has been a tourist magnet for many years due to its numerous stylish hotels and well-equipped campsites that stretch along its shores. Lake Garda lies in the region between Milan and Venice, an area that attracts the more culture-oriented crowd than Lake Garda does.

Milan: Italy as a fashion mecca

Milan is Italy´s fashion mecca – the industrial heart of design and high fashion and, in 2015, it hosted the EXPO World Exhibition, attracting thousands of visitors to the city. But even when the city reverts back to its normal self, it is full of designer-savvy fashionistas hunting for something unique among the many designer items that fill the exclusive boutiques of Milan´s old center. If the credit card is beginning to glow and you need a break from the ringing of cash tills gradually emptying your bank account, climb the steps of the Duomo di Milano, Milan´s Cathedral, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

“See Venice and die” or simply live happily

It goes without saying that Venice is a must for any culture-lover visiting Europe. The Piazza San Marco (or St Mark´s Square), Venice´s Grand Central Square, is often the first sight that meets the first-time visitor arriving by boat. From here, you can gaze across to the city´s major landmark – St. Mark´s Cathedral. The only things that can compete with this are perhaps the canals themselves with their iconic gondolas, a pleasant way to spend a warm summer evening.

Italy has so much to offer

Even when you´ve “done” Rome, Lake Garda, Milan and Venice, you´re still a long way from having sampled all the treasures that Italy has to offer! Whether your next stop is a winery in Toscana, the Pope at the Vatican, or Don Corleone on Sicily, there is still plenty to see and experience – in fact, you´ll be spoilt for choice.

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The 20 regions in Italy:

Valle d’Aosta
Friuli-Venezia Guilia
Trentino-Alto Adige

Links indicate articles on the applicable province.

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