- Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is an international airport that offers a number of direct connections to and from Denmark.

The airport is centrally located in relation to Brussels itself which is located only 12 km from the airport. A medium-sized airport, it handles over 23 million passengers a year. As well as the air traffic it handles, there are over 260 different companies located within the airport area.

Brussels Airport is the home base for Brussels Airlines. From Denmark, airlines such as Ryanair, SAS and Brussels Airlines offer direct flights with prices starting at a few hundred DKK for a return trip and up. The flight from Copenhagen to Brussels takes approx. 1 hr.30 min. -1 hr. 40 min.

There are direct train connections to the major cities in the Netherlands, and Brussels is only 17 minutes away. Below is a list of other train connections available from the airport.

Brussels Airport-Zaventem Station is located on the 1st floor of the terminal.

Travel time to the major Belgian towns:

Antwerp : 32 min. (Northern Belgium, close to the Netherlands)
Bruges : 90 min.
Brussels -Central : 17 min.
Charleroi : 83 min.
Ghent : 54 min.
Liege : 60 min.
Leuven : 15 min.
Mechelen : 11 min.
Namur: 72 min.
Ottignies : 42 min.

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More information available on the airport´s own website

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