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Tahiti, a beautiful island in French Polynesia.

One poet once said “Tahiti is everything; the island you have dreamed of all your life; the thing that makes you leave Europe or another country forever.”
Many fairy tales and poets from Homer onwards have always imagined the existence of certain ‘happy’ islands that were so full of magic and irresistible beauty that they pulled man away from his duties and tasks … and kept him in voluntarily captivity in a happy state of innocence.
Tahiti is actually the happy island.

It’s so damn beautiful; it hurts in your eyes. True, Tahiti has changed, it’s changing. Cruiselines, technology and “progress”, however, Tahiti is still incredibly beautiful. It is also only 24 hours and a few minutes from anywhere. It’s not far for a bite of paradise.

The island is often referred to by many as the Isle of Love. Palm-shaped beaches, azure waters, lush tree-lined mountain peaks and crystal-clear lagoons make Tahiti a classic vacation dream. As part of the Society Islands (Yes, they are called that), the island is also the largest island in French Polynesia. Exotic and beautiful, Tahiti offers tourists a great travel experience. Here are some travel ideas for Tahiti:

Haiti moorea-wedding-2000x1200_29676

Getting married / honeymoon

Tahiti is one of the most popular choices for honeymooners or couples who have been married for a long time and who want to renew their wedding vows. There is a very interesting activity that will attract you if you are planning such a romantic vacation. On the island you can get married in a beautiful Tahitian ceremony with a priest who gives you traditional Tahitian names.

Tahiti feeding sharks

Tahiti feeding sharks

Tahiti feeding sharks

In Tahiti you will see shark feeding because the waters around the islands of French Polynesia are full of many species of sharks. Rangiroa, an atoll near Tahiti, is probably the best place to feed sharks, where you have to go a little out in shallow water to watch the sharks take food from an expert diver. It’s harmless, but it’s probably a little shaky or two.

Diving in Tahiti

People who visit Tahiti usually come to see the dazzling beaches along the azure sea against the backdrop of a deepest blue sky that you can find anywhere in the world. Your heart will definitely beat a little faster as soon as you dive for the first time in Tahiti. The water is so clear and pollution-free that you can spot the smallest fish far away. Both children and adults will enjoy snorkeling, especially with the incredibly colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs for which this part of the Pacific is famous. If you want to dive with a tank, it is clearly possible. Also to take a diving certificate or continue your diving training.

Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin, famous French

The famous post impressionism painter Paul Gaugain, who was Danish married to Mette Gad, made Tahiti his home until his death. This museum pays homage to the painter and has a collection of sketches, paintings and memorabilia of the painter.

Tahiti venus point lighthouse of robert louis stevenson french polynesia

Tahiti venus point lighthouse of robert louis stevenson French Polynesia

Many explorers, including Captain James Cook, anchored their ships near this place, which now boasts an old lighthouse, a beautiful black-sand beach, and a lush green park. The name Venus Point came from Cook’s observation of the planet Venus transit from this point.

Cruises to Tahiti

You can too and it is absolutely fantastic. Imagine seeing the island on the horizon and anchoring up. Another unique attraction in Tahiti is the sailing experience of a luxury yacht, catamaran or cruise ship over the deep blue water, a dream that can come true for any romantic.

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Many waterfalls on the island

Tahiti boasts many waterfalls in the lush green surroundings of the volcanic mountains where the island is the center. Some of these are accessible by car, while others need hiking to reach them. You can bring bathing suits and enjoy taking a bathtub under the water jets. Faarumai, Vaiharuru, Vaimahutu and Topatari are some of the well known waterfalls.

Archaeological sites

There are many archeological sites made up of the ruins of ancient temples or maras, amidst the picturesque beauty of the Tahitian interior. The Papenoo Valley also contains a lot of ruins as well as waterfalls. This gives you a chance to explore the rugged mountains and the lush rainforest of Tahiti carefully. It is recommended to take a guide on such tours.

A trip around the island

You can tour the island by the 117 km long road that circles it and gives you many glimpses of the lush green rainforest, waterfalls, beaches, museums, ruined temples and other beauties of Tahiti.


Tahiti is also famous for its spas. No holiday can be complete without a relaxing spa massage amidst the scent of tropical flowers, ending with a body wrap of banana leaves, leaving all your muscles soothed and relaxed.

Facts about Polynesia

Tahiti is the largest island and the main island of French Polynesia, located in the archipelago of the Society Islands in the South Pacific at 17 ° 40 ‘South, 149 °

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