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Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

SAS is owned by Denmark (14,3%), Norway (14,3%), and Sweden (21,4%) and by a mix of private shareholders (50%). In other words, there is a 2:2:3 split between the three mainland Scandinavian countries in the ownership of the largest Scandinavian airline. Not surprisingly then, the company’s main hubs are Kastrup Airport (Denmark), Oslo Gardermoen (Norway) and Stockholm Arlanda Airport (Sweden). Founded in 1946, SAS continues to serve as a reminder of the strong historical and cultural ties between the Nordic countries, and the airline still maintains a strong presence in the heart and mind of many a Scandinavian traveler.

While the story of peace and harmony amongst the Nordic brother nations, the company was on the verge of default in 2012 when they faced issues with the labor unions. Talks of an end to an icon of Scandinavian partnerships abound but a solution was worked out, in the end, to keep this leading Scandinavian airline flying high.

The fleet consists of 161 aircraft, consisting of a mix between Boeing and Airbus vessels, and they transport passengers to 123 destinations, with a particularly strong and efficient network of routes in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Stockholm-Arlanda takes the number one spot with 1012 weekly departures scheduled by SAS with its hubs in Copenhagen and Oslo coming in as close seconds. Even if you are not currently located in any of the three Scandinavian countries, SAS might be able to get you started on your next trip with Scandinavian elegance and solid service. See offers from SAS here.

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