The right travel gear makes a big difference

Best travel gear for your trip?

Proper travel gear is equally important just for about any kind of holiday than most people think. By global flight standards, you only have 20 kilos in total for checked in luggage, and you’d need clothes, shoes and other travel essentials at the very minimum. Choosing the right travel equipment will help ensure you get the most out of your dream vacation. Do you have everything ready for your trip? Are all your personal effects, gadgets and necessary travel gear in place, as well as the absolute necessities such as passports, money and tickets? If not, check out our recommended travel gear below.

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Travel in style with these sleek sunglasses from Coral

Need a new suitcase from Samsonite? Or how about a nice pair of sunglasses for your trip? We have tons of offers on travel accessories here. Find great deals on the hottest eyewear and sunglasses brands like Sidebar and Coral at

Season’s hottest selections from Samsonite

Check out 2018’s hottest right here:

shop-the-look_flux fra Samsonite

shop-the-look_flux fra Samsonite

“Meet Flux – the next generation of polypropylene zipper sleeves. It’s must-have travel gear. Our brand new collection combines many years of in-depth knowledge of polypropylene with a secure and durable double-latch closure. Flux is the first collection of hard Samsonite suitcases with (hidden) expansion feature on all model sizes, which means you’ll get an even bigger compartment when needed. The advanced design is fresh and distinctive, designed to provide the perfect luggage solution. This collection is designed to make your journey easier thanks to the even rolling double wheels, two-handed pull handle and the fully padded interior to secure your things. ”

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Neye’s soft travel bags

Check out Neye’s wide selection of soft travel bags here. They are perfect for traveling and known for their durability. Here you’ll find different styles of their signature backpacks and duffel backs where you can easily stuff loads of travel gear!

A digital camera from Canon

Want to take good photos during your dream vacation? Then check out these awesome camera deals from Canon. There is a big difference in quality between a smartphone and a professional or enthusiast camera. Otherwise, all photographers would just run around with an iPhone. Find the best DSLR, mirrorless or compact enthusiast travel camera here. Photos you take are providing lifetime memories of your travel adventures so be sure to pick the perfect one for your needs!

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