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Tucan Travel has seized operations Feb. 21

Tucan Travel was one of the absolute global heavyweights when it comes to adventure travels. With over 200 group tours across six continents and an age span stretching from 18 to 65 years, Tucan Travel had its finger on the beating pulse of the world’s most thrilling adventure spots. While the focus on adventure and active trips is clear as day, the company remains versatile in its capacity to accommodate the wishes of many different types of travelers. Tucan Travel mentions on their website that 60% of their travelers are “solo travelers” but still allows for sharing a room with a fellow traveler if one so wishes during the trips. This attracts both young and old, male and female and makes for diverse travel groups that are easy to fit into.

Wildlife spotting or Carnival in Rio?

Although Tucan Travel might seem to be all about that action, it is quite possible to combine an active vacation with some culinary or cultural indulgence. Travel themes include food and drinks, festivals, wildlife spotting, and history and culture trips. Of course, different parts of different tours can be combined to create your ideal travel, which may include an excursion to a local farm or winery followed by a colorful and culturally enriching festival. It is possible to experience the legendary carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil or participate in the festivities during Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico when the Mexicans celebrate and honor their ancestors in a stunning display of colors and creativity.

Honeymoon with Tucan?

Lastly, Tucan Travel also offers tailor-made tours for newlyweds and families. How does a honeymoon on the beaches of Sri Lanka sound? Or what about an adventure from Lima, Peru to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? These tours can bring you and your loved one closer under the guidance of experienced travel guides who are guaranteed to be as passionate about travel as you are. See for yourself and go check them out at their website – it might be where your next adventure starts.

Cuban cigars and drinks

Cuban cigars and drinks, part of the journey 🙂

Where to go with Tucan on adventures?

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