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Untamed Escapes in Australia.

Untamed Escapes connects travelers from all walks of life with adventure, wildlife, wellness, and epicurean experiences in nature. Guided by the region’s most passionate storytellers, our small group and exclusive private tours roam over two-thirds of untamed Australia in the regions between Perth and Adelaide. We will introduce you to the local characters that make these places special and feel a great sense of satisfaction witnessing your transformation as we reconnect you to your Country and self.

Untamed Escapes diverse range of tours offer experiences in nature to awaken the senses. Food and wine connoisseurs will love their range of Gourmet Getaways and Exclusive Luxury Escapes. While adventure seekers can unleash their inner wildling on an Adventure to Awaken. Those in need of some ‘me time’ will find the freedom to find themselves on a Wellness & Yoga Retreat. And if none of those suits, we will handcraft a tailor-made tour, just for you.

Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia, viewed from the air.

Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia, viewed from the air. Untamed Escapes


– Camping & Budget Adventure Tours of South Australia & the South West of Western Australia
– Authentic and unique experiences
– Passion for sustainability and the environment
– Breathtaking scenery
– World-class wildlife encounters

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Red Great Barrier Reef in Australia, a natural wonder

Queensland Australia; The Sunshine State


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