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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico in the Caribbean – not to be confused with the same name in Grand Canary – gives you the best of two worlds as destinations. The exotic Caribbean, close to the US and close to American lifestyle and governance. Puerto Rico is the easternmost and smallest of the Great Antilles and consists of the main island of Puerto Rico and a larger number of smaller islands. The islands are a so-called sanctuary subject to the United States, but with its own government with a governor in charge. The Puerto Rican residents have US citizenship, but are without influence on political decisions in the United States: The landscape of the Puerto Rican landscape is characterized by a mountain range that runs through the island from east to west and peaks in Cerro de Punta at 1338 m. the inactive volcanoes and provide fertile soil for the fields with sugar cane, coffee and tobacco. The coast is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches almost all around the island.

In short

The island is a self-governing territory with particular ties to the United States located in the northeastern Caribbean.

  • Capital: San Juan
  • Areal: 9,104 km²
    Currency: US Dollar
    Population: 3,474 million (2015)
    Continent: North America
    Official languages: Spanish, English
    source Wikipedia

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