- Martinique (France)

French charm and food in the best location in the Caribbean

Martinique was discovered by Columbus in 1502 and conquered by the French, speeding the island’s development with the import of slaves from Africa. It also worked for many years, but in 1902 the volcano Mont Pelee broke into eruption and killed the entire island’s population nearly 2.
A quick flash forward: Today, the island is still French and known for its French charm and, incidentally, some of the Caribbean’s best food.
If you are in “room” as in the beverage, then it is an obvious destination. You can visit the old plantations and enjoy exquisite rooms on site. Martinique is not called Rhum Capital of the World for nothing. It is also an exceptionally charming place with the beautiful volcano in the interior and the good style and presence of restaurants and shops with the best French brands. It is far from primitive here. Here you get the real tropical item from rainforests to chalky beaches and the Atlantic noise in the background. You are welcomed with smile and courtesy. The island is known for a lot of visits. It’s a good sign.


In short Martinique

Martinique is an island and a French overseas department and an overseas region located in the Caribbean north of Trinidad and Tobago. The island has an area of ​1,128 km² and approx. 430,000 inhabitants. The capital is Fort-de-France.
Capital: Fort-de-France
Area: 1,128 km²
Population: 386.486
Currency: Euro
Continent: North America
Official language: French

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