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Rent a car world-wide with traveltalk (Jan. 2020)

Car rental is an important part of a successful holiday. Often it is the question of it is better to fly to the destination and then rent a car locally or drive all the way? Both options have their advantages. But if you want to rent a car, then traveltalk is the place to look.

rent a car world-wide

Rent a car world-wide with Traveltalk

Rent a car a few years old?

“you could also choose a car that is a few years old and much cheaper.”

Here you can benefit from our collaboration with the top rental provider, Autobooker, based in Germany, which provides competitive prices all over the world. Thanks to our close cooperation with Autobooker, we can offer car rentals with the largest car hire companies such as Hertz or Avis, but also through smaller car rental companies, and you could also choose a car that is a few years old and much cheaper. Check the prices below. You will possibly get surprised. It is rather cheap to rent some wheels. It doesn’t get much better when you want to rent a car.

Go to Car Rental page and see how low the prices actually are.

Safari travel news from Africa (Dec.2019)

We have visited the safari parks of Africa and brings a new intro to 5 countries with safari tours for first-timers, for those going for the second time or so, and for those seeking the most original and unspoiled places, no matter the time and cost it takes to go there.
Safari in all relevant countries in Africa

Amboseli national park, Kenya

Amboseli national park, Kenya

A curated selection of travel news from all over the world.

Beautiful girl wearing japanese traditional kimono at row of yellow ginkgo tree in autumn. Autumn park in Tokyo, Japan.

Beautiful girl wearing Japanese traditional kimono at a row of yellow ginkgo trees in autumn. Autumn park in Tokyo, Japan.

10 fascinating places to visit in Japan.

Finally, we got to Japan. It should have been much sooner, the country is so beautiful, so stretched out between tradition and history and amazing high-tech and future visions. World´s biggest metropolis and beaches to die for. Japan has got it all.

See 10 selected travel places in Japan, so totally different and all travel inspiring. (Sept. 2019)

Smallest country in Asia, maldives with underwater life

Smallest country in Asia, maldives with underwater life

The 10 smallest countries in Asia?

The 1o smallest countries in Asia are surprisingly unknown for their minute size, cause they have so much else going for them in general. A few are seriously threatened by climate change like the Maldives, That is one more reason to take action to do what is possible to reverse the effects of global heating. One of the mentioned geo areas is perhaps a country, perhaps not. Nuff about the negatives, but we love to travel the world, so to preserve it becomes even more important when you see so many beautiful countries. (Aug.2019)

The Raffles Hotel in Singapore, main entrance.

The Raffles Hotel in Singapore, main entrance.

Travel news from Raffles hotel in Singapore: “We are reopened”

Raffles Hotel Singapore is now officially reopened, with an expanded suite count of 115. Take a look at what’s new, amidst the striking architecture, heritage and graceful service of the hotel through the centuries. In the personal sanctuary of your suite, experience the glamour and sophistication of the golden age of travel. Indulge in luxury and personalized service, true hallmarks of the Raffles experience.

See the full story om Raffles reopening + links to other luxury Singapore hotels.


Tyrkiets golfbaner. Antalya golf overview

Travel from anywhere in the world, enjoy Turkey’s famous golf courses. Antalya

Enjoy the sunny side of life: Travel news from Turkey

Traveltalk has entered into agreements with stakeholders from various travel industries in Greece and Turkey. This means that these two hot destinations will be under our microscopes from 2018 and beyond.
We started mapping out Turkish destinations on April 2018, particularly focusing on Belek and Antalya. Belek has a very ideal location right next to the Mediterranean, which greatly appeals to visitors. Given its mild climate, it is an obvious destination to consider visiting, outside their too hot summers.
In addition, Belek has about 15 excellent golf courses and resorts, easily accessible for those who are interested to spend a week or two of golfing. Belek is an outstanding place with excellently maintained world-class courses. They are created by well-known golf architects, and not to mention that they have a good reputation for quality service.
Currently, we are also making arrangements with tour operators who specialize in Antalya and its surroundings. (Sept.2018)

Learn more about Belek here

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