Food and Wine

Food and Wine worth a journey

Food and Wine that makes you feel good and is well worth the trip any given day. If you are a bit of a foodie, a food enthusiast or a person with a specific taste for culinary adventure, then this type of holiday is for you.

Restauranter i Singapore. Iggy´s Singapore, Mini-Gastro-Bar-Beef-tripe-fish-tacos-and-croquette

Restaurant in Singapore. Iggy´s Singapore, Mini-Gastro-Bar-Beef-tripe-fish-tacos-and-croquette

From Gourmet to street-food on your vacation

People travel a long way to sample extraordinary food or wine. But it does not have to be expensive. We curate a lot of travel options to places in this world with lovely food and wine at very moderate prices.
Think of gourmet restaurants like Noma i Denmark, the best restaurant in the world for years, which was/is visited by people from all over the world. Or your favorite food writer, now sadly demised Anthony Bourdain, who critically and lovingly illustrates the close link between food culture and the good friendships involved in the experience.

How about the small village restaurant in Italy with a pasta dish that is just perfect and merely costing a couple of Euros. It’s not the price, it depends on, but the experience created by the love and cooking ability, that leads to the meal you remember with joy and for a long time. Perhaps you want to come back to a certain place for that reason alone and remember it forever.

Iggy´s Singapore, grøntsagshaven på tallerken

Iggy´s Singapore, beautiful Asian/French food

We would like to inspire you with food and wine experiences from selected locations throughout the world. Two of our most recent amazing discoveries are as follows: an exotic wine trip to Moldova, yes we mean it, and hold on to your hats. Michelin gourmet food for 1.50 USD in Singapore.

Our mission does not stop there as we will keep finding something that’s equally (or more) appetizing and worthwhile!

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