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Zambia has often been branded the ‘Real Africa’ or the ‘Rough Diamond’ of the dark continent as Zambia’s beauty is unrivaled the world over.
It is a country that embraces the hardship of the African bush but also has some of the most stunning water resources; a resource that is unbelievably rare and precious in the Southern African region.

Mother and Baby Calf Elephants standing on the plains with a nice orange and blue sky in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, Southern Africa

Mother and Baby Calf Elephants standing on the plains with a nice orange and blue sky in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, Southern Africa

Water from Victoria Falls to Kariba Dam

Apart from the unparalleled magnificence of the acclaimed Victoria Falls, there are dozens of equally impressive cascades throughout the rugged land as well as a sumptuous collection of lakes and wetlands, the primary of which is the man-made Kariba Dam.
Some safari specialists even offer (at the traveler’s risk) dedicated tours for ‘cascade junkies’ – visitors who simply cannot get enough of the crystal clear waters plummeting hundreds of meters into the kloof below.
Bird life aplenty
The white, wild waters of Zambia are not only attractive to humans but also to a startling array of over 700 different species of birds, and are the “lifeblood” of large herds of animals that still roam the wilds with impunity.
A Zambia safari will literally be studded with gems – those you can look at and those you can take part in. Activities range from the legendary ‘deep bush’ walking safaris to some of the wildest white water experiences on the tempestuous Zambezi River, but it is arguably the fishing that will get most visitors all in a flurry.

Exhilarating game fishing

Zambia boasts some of the most exhilarating and hard-fought game fishing in the world with the powerful and rather snappy Tiger Fish its main title contender.
The remote villages of Zambia still offer visitors a brief glimpse of the traditional lifestyles of the local inhabitants, making it the ‘real deal’ of African safaris with the additional allure of being regarded as one of the safest countries in the world to visit today.

Zambia highlights

Tour operators can tailor the perfect itinerary for visitors to this wild and beautiful corner of the globe, with some suggested highlights being:

Where to travel in Africa:

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