Reiseservice Sacco

Reiseservice Sacco

Since 1995, Reiseservice Sacco has been able to provide suitable tours for travelers interested in culture, sun and sea, best prices, family trips, tourism and dream vacations. For its 20th anniversary, Sacco remains committed to personalized service and trusted tour partners. Your clients benefit from the best value deals for flights worldwide, as well as vacation advice from highly knowledgeable local professionals and workers in an elegant office in Rosenheim.

Bringing people together! That is the clear philosophy of  Sacco. “Traveling is more than a change of location for us”, explains the Brazilian native Jane Sacco. “It is a bridge between cultures!” The Sacco team experiences this every day in six different languages.

Custom Holidays! Listening, giving personal advice or suggestions and booking the right one is the formula for the success of Ursula Sobotta, tourism manager at Reiseservice Sacco. For decades she has been traveling the world with great passion.

Booking with Reiseservice Sacco, a reputable travel agency, offers a compelling choice for your travel needs. Their extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of destinations worldwide ensure that you receive personalized recommendations and itineraries tailored to your preferences and desires. By entrusting your travel plans to Reiseservice Sacco, you save valuable time and energy, as they meticulously handle all aspects of your trip, from flights and accommodations to tours and activities, leaving you free to fully enjoy your journey. Furthermore, their access to exclusive deals, discounts, and special packages can lead to cost savings, making your travel dreams more affordable. With 24/7 support and a commitment to exceptional customer service, Reiseservice Sacco provides peace of mind throughout your travels, ready to assist in any unforeseen circumstances. When booking with Reiseservice Sacco, you gain access to a world of travel possibilities, expert guidance, and a stress-free experience that transforms your trip into a seamless and unforgettable adventure.

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