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Looking for something different for your next trip? The Ukraine is for the adventurous looking for new impressions

If you are looking for sea and sun and the feeling of security more familiar places give you, this country may not be at the top of your list of travel destinations to visit next. But if you´re the adventurous type, who wants to see more of the world, preferably before the rest get there, and are eager to sample new impressions and sights (and at a reasonable price), then Ukraine is the place that fits the bill.

The Ukraine is in Eastern Europe, close to the north eastern part of the Black Sea, with Russia to the east, Belarus to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the west…and there are more to come. It also borders Rumania to the south and, finally, Moldavia, to the south as well. In other words, there is plenty to keep an eye on, lots of relationships to work at and many conflicting interests in this area. But that also means that there are also many opportunities for development and chances to nurture peaceful coexistence in this fine, ancient culture.

Remember to read the travel guidelines published by your own country´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you plan your trip/travel. As you know, the Ukraine has hit the headlines more than once during the last few years, and the situation can change fast. So stay updated.

Ukraine Kiev

Ukraine Kiev

Kiev – the capital of the Ukraine

Kijev or what we more commonly call, Kiev, is the largest city in the Ukraine and also its capital. Kiev is located in the centre of the country on the banks of the River Dnieper. The city has a population of 2,847,200 making the 8th. largest city in Europe. It´s economy is based on IT and a large export sector.

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