- Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt International Airport – only 1 hr 30 min. from Copenhagen

Both SAS and Lufthansa offer a short, efficient direct service that takes 1 hr 30 min. to Frankfurt International Airport.  Alternatively, you can drive it in ….just 10 hours!

Frankfurt International Airport is a major international airport just 12 km outside Frankfurt am Main. It is the largest airport in Germany both in terms of passenger numbers and size.

Danes often use this hub to transfer between Copenhagen and international destinations.

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Here you´ll find our introduction to Germany as a destination at
“Wilkommen nach Deutschland! “Welcome to Germany!” This proud, northern European country with a population of over 80 million, and one of the world´s strongest economies, has a huge amount to offer the traveller – everything from fascinating cultural experiences and festive traditions to delicious, culinary treats. Germany offers a huge variety of destinations, and many of them have earned a well-deserved place on UNESCO´s list of World Heritage Sites.  No less than 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are sprinkled throughout Germany´s 16 states, including magnificent Cologne Cathedral, Museum Island in Berlin, the country´s capital, and the beautiful natural surroundings and beech forests near Waren (Muritz)….” Read more.

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