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TAP Air Portugal is Portugal´s national flag carrier. You can, of course, fly to Lisbon and the Algarve with TAP, but you can also connect to the Azores, Africa or South America – all areas that are logical destinations given Portugal´s rich history of exploration. As Portugal is extremely dependent on tourism, TAP Air Portugal is an important player when it comes to bringing tourists to Portugal – and not only to Lisbon, but also to all four corners of the country.
You can fly with them to Portugal every day of the year. They have flights to Faro on the Algarve via Lisbon, to Porto in the north, to Funchal, Madeira and to 8 of the 9 islands in the Azores. Air Portugal has been flying for over 70 years and currently flies to 60 destinations all over the world. In addition to its many European destinations, Air Portugal primarily flies to destinations in Africa and Brazil, with up to 60 departures a week. This is, of course, because of the many colonies Portugal once had around the world. Right up until the present day, its ties with Brazil remain close. If you travel with TAP Air Portugal to Brazil, you will also notice that many of their hotels and companies are from Portugal.

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Vienna´s Airport, officially known as Vienna International Airport, is located in Schwechat, 18 km southeast of Vienna´s city centre, and only 57 km from Bratislava. It is Austria´s largest airport and a hub for Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and Niki. It is an extremely busy airport with a wealth of connections to choose from – not only to Europe and Eastern Europe, but also direct flights to Asia, North America and Africa. Its annual volume of traffic is in the range of 25 million and growing.

Direct flights from Copenhagen Kastrup Airport to Vienna International Airport take 1 hr. 45 min., and both SAS and Austrian Airlines have direct connections.

Link to Vienna International Airport

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More about Austria on traveltalk, see our introduction here

Winter Vacationing in Austria

In winter, there are an almost overwhelming number of beautifully –kept ski resorts to choose from with good food, a great atmosphere and, not least of all, plenty of activities for the whole family. Here, the focus is not only on skiing and snowboarding, but also on all the other wonderful leisure activities that go with it. A winter vacation also encompasses “after ski”, wellness, tobogganing, ice climbing, winter hiking, paragliding, sleigh rides – only your imagination sets the limits!

Summer in Austria

Summer is “ganz anderes” as they say – or a different story altogether! Experience the awesome majesty of the mountains: slow down and enjoy it with family or friends, or push out your own boundaries and grab the opportunity to enjoy experiences and challenges you´ve never tried before, and will never forget afterwards. Or get on a mountain bike, maybe for the first time, and enjoy riding in the mountains on well-marked paths in fantastic and safe surroundings.
The Austrian Alps have everything you need to enjoy a vacation full of unforgettable experiences all year round. That´s the reason why some of Europe´s highest mountains, deepest valleys and idyllic meadows and routes satisfy the needs not only of active sportsmen and women, but also of anyone who loves peaceful surroundings and the outdoor life . Austria really does have something for everyone.

City Breaks in Austria

There are lots of other ways to enjoy this country – such as wellness/city breaks in cities such as Vienna or Salzburg which offer a wealth of shopping, fantastic architecture and masses of history and culture. Gastronomically, there is plenty of choice – from traditional Austrian dishes you´ll find hard to resist to the best of modern gastronomy.  A classic Sachertorte is a treat you mustn´t miss on your trip!

See The Austrian National Tourist Office´s website for a wealth of information on what to see and do

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