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Road Trips

Road trip, the highway to freedom

Roadtrips we all know. Maybe from a weekend in Sweden, a golf holiday in Spain, a week in Germany at the campsite or 3-4 weeks all the way to Spain, with stops in Germany, France, and Northern Spain? The road trip is a classic and here to stay. We all love it, our local” highway 69″, the freedom to travel when you want, for as long as you want, where, how far you want. No stress and rush. Just open your eyes and suck. The car holidays are for the whole family.

It is with or without a caravan on the hook or in a camper. It’s a great travel theme!

Bilferie i Bulgarien

Roadtrip i Bulgarien

Links to roadtrips

All roads North

Top provider of road trips in the US-

Campingferie, smukt øde campingsite om natten


If your road trip starts in the UK, this may well be the guys to contact.


An entire section on the best camping holidays to maybe Sweden, Germany, France, Croatia, Italy or Lapland and Norway?

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