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Haka Tours is a leading New Zealand adventure operator

Haka Tours is now 12 years old and we’re incredibly proud to be regarded as New Zealand’s leading small-group adventure operator. As we’ve grown, we’ve stayed true to our core values which remain the key to our success. Ultimately, when you travel with Haka, you’re not traveling with a multinational corporate or a big international brand, but with an authentic, locally-owned business that puts you, the customer, at the center of everything we do.

Offering unforgettable landscapes, heaps of adventure activities and so much more, New Zealand really does have it all. Whatever adventure looks like to you, we have a tour to match. Our tours include everything you need for a stress-free trip: accommodation, transport, Kiwi tour guide, breakfast, and a few key cultural inclusions which are all included in your New Zealand trip cost. It’s simply not to be missed! That means you’re only paying for stuff that is 100% essential to your experience. Plus we’re passionate about caring for Aotearoa New Zealand so we aim for our guests to leave nothing but a literal footprint.

Why Haka Tours

Travel with the Locals
We are one of the few owned and operated New Zealand Tour companies. We are a small team that loves New Zealand and loves what we do. We really do get a buzz when we see our customers having a unique experience.

We get it, after all, we’re Travellers ourselves
Our core philosophy is that small-group travel makes for the best experience. It’s why we limit the size of our groups to just 16. It’s an intimate small group journey, which transforms from a bus trip to a road trip, complete with like-minded travelers that become your new best mates.

Size Matters
Because the trip of a lifetime is not a bus pass with 40 other people, getting herded from one place to another. We don’t herd you anywhere. (after all, you are not a sheep). It means that while the big group must stick to the main road, we can easily get to those magical, hard-to-reach places, such as secluded beaches or dramatic cliff tops. It means that while the big group must stick to the main road, we can easily get to those magical, hard-to-reach places, such as secluded beaches or dramatic cliff tops.

We don’t have Bus Drivers
We have fully-fledged, super passionate tour guides that do more than drop you off near a town center with a list of hostels you could stay at. They are our heroes and because of the smaller group size, they quickly end up becoming trusted friend, in a way that simply cannot happen on the big bus.

Who travels with us?
So, while there is no typical Haka Tours guest – we’ve found that over the years, they are all like-minded – and this is why our guests make lifelong friends while on our tours. Of course, they are individuals with different tastes. But the one, crucial thing they have in common is attitude. Without exception, our guests want adventure, spontaneity, and fun. They want more than just amazing photos. They want to soak up New Zealand and absorb all that this beautiful country has to offer. Like you, they want to travel with great people. They are open-minded. They know that age is just a number, and that attitude is far more important. They converge from all over Earth to have a unique and incredible experience. Whilst these are “adventure” tours, we don’t require a high level of fitness. There is nothing compulsory on our trips other than getting on the tour bus. Whilst some people want adrenalin hit, others prefer to soak up the sun, enjoy the beautiful scenery or immerse themselves in our culture. As with any tour operator, we don’t suit everyone. If you expect a military-style organized trip, or a giant bus/coach packed full of passengers you are probably best to look elsewhere. Otherwise, get started by choosing a tour.

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