- Anguilla (British)

Anguilla – close to the United States in the Caribbean

Anguilla is one of the small “exquisite” islands in the eastern Caribbean and the northernmost island in the Leeward Island chain just 17 km north of St. Martin and 340 km east of Puerto Rico with direct flights from eg. England or stop-over in Puerto Rico. Or one could take a plane from NY in the morning and arrive in the afternoon. So a very accessible island. Also cruise lines anchor up here often.

Anguilla – a small unspoilt tropical island

Situated slightly isolated as the island notoriously is, has meant, that the island has retained its origin without losing the conveniences expected on a rather exclusive Caribbean holiday island.

It is as suggested a small island: Only 26 km from east to west 5 km from north to south (a good morning run including return trips?). It is a beautiful and fairly flat island with lots of coral reefs in the sea (of all places) and diving opportunities and decorative rocks with shady vegetation. Rent a car for a day and find the perfect lagoon for snorkeling and picnics with the large bath towel spread out on the white beach. Life is good on Anguilla.

33 beaches – also one for you

Anguilla is also a number of beach islands, no less than 33 of them. And they are often on the various Best islands in the Carribean lists. All beaches are public, and there is plenty of space.

anguillaYou will find amazingly many good restaurants, also with international recognition, and there are nightclubbing and beach parties enough for anyone who wants “the good life” on the beach. It is a discerning crowd, that comes to Anguilla.

Sweet climate in Anguilla

Anguilla has an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and plenty of sunshine all year round. It rains slightly in September and October and February to March is the “dry season” in Anguilla.

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