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Latvia is an enchanting country with lovely places to visit, ranging from magical forests to castle ruins and untouched beaches.
It is located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea in North-East Europe. It consists of fertile lowland plains and moderate hills. Most of the country is less than 100 meters above sea level. It has a wide network of rivers, thousands of lakes and hundreds of kilometers of  untouched seaside surrounded by lush pine forests filled with mosses and lichens, dunes and continuous white sand beaches.
Picturesque panoramic view of autumn landscape in Sigulda. Latvia
Immerse yourself a little deeper in the backcountry of Latvia and discover Teutonic castles, tsarist palaces, and wild wooded towns.

The unforgettable countryside of Latvia

For anyone who loves nature, Latvia is a paradise. Much of the country land remains undeveloped due to its low population density. More than half of the land is covered by forests, and more than 12,500 rivers criss-cross the landscape, dotted with fields, farms, and villages that have changed little over the decades. The country has a long tradition of conservation and there are several species common here, including the Eurasian beaver and the European wolf, that are endangered elsewhere in Europe. The presence of species like the corncrake, which is rare in the rest of the continent, makes it a prime bird-watching destination.

Ancient architecture in Riga

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the 2014 European Capital of Culture, the coastal city of Riga in Latvia is both beautifully historic and energetically modern. The old town is a labyrinth of narrow medieval streets, Gothic and Baroque churches, and hidden courtyards, while the new town is an extension of wide boulevards and architecture of Jugendstil Art Nouveau. The exquisite red brick, green-roofed Riga Cathedral dating back to 1211 is located in Cathedral Square. The History and Navigation Museum of Riga, featuring the Bronze Age and medieval artifacts, as well as the Castle of Riga, built in 1515 and now home to the President, are nearby. When you visit, you will also see the Medieval House Three Brothers Trio, one of which is thought to be Latvia’s oldest.

Latvia actually has hundreds of km of beautiful beaches

Latvia’s beautiful beaches have hundreds of kilometers of undeveloped seashore, mostly they are soft white sandy beaches. Liepaja’s coastal town has a colorful mix of architectural styles including wooden houses, spacious parks, and concrete apartment buildings from the Soviet era. The gulf’s southwestern shore is dotted with fishing villages, including Lapmezciems, home to the country-renowned fish market.

The Gauja National Park is the perfect place to relax. Explore fascinating medieval castles or thrill bungee jumping, bobsleighing, and other adventurous activities.

kayak trip on the river Daugava and the canal around the old city, closing the season on October 13, 2018

kayak trip on the river Daugava and the canal around the old city, closing the season on October 13, 2018

Kayaking i Riga

Kayaking in the center of Riga is a completely different experience. From the water, you will see the city from a completely different angle and experience new emotions. Enjoy boating with an experienced instructor and visit verdant parks, many Riga bridges, old Riga, listening to sounds different from those exploring the coast.

Hiking the Sigulda-Switzerland from Latvia
One-day hike in Latvia to one of the most picturesque and popular tourist destinations in the country – Gauja National Park in Sigulda, Krimulda, Turaida – a region also known as Latvia’s Switzerland by its inhabitants. During this hike, you will see the ruins of Sigulda’s medieval castle, hills, caves, cliffs, impressive forests and magnificent sites of the Gauja river valley.

Cycling in Sigulda

One of the most romantic and beautiful places in Latvia where to walk and certainly one of the most exciting places to ride a bike. Steep slopes and difficult climbs, not the easiest way to relax but one of the most exciting and energetic moments to recreate! It is perfect for those who love and respect active leisure, combining it with amazing visits.

Bird view on Turaida castle and springtime Gauja river valley in Sigulda, Latvia

River navigation and Latvian hemp tasting

Spend the day slowly sailing down the river and taste the local Latvian cuisine at the hemp farm. listen to interesting stories about hemp producers and taste the local cuisine, the final product of this hemp farm. A spectacular canoe trip on a small river crossing the wild nature of Latvia will help you relax in a quiet environment.

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