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Castle Holidays

Castle holidays in Europe. The classy way to travel.

Castle holidays are super popular in countries like Italy, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, and Scandinavia. And more.
Let’s then start with an example, a castle-break in the small and beautiful country of Denmark and slowly but surely work our way from there in 2019.

In Denmark, a large number of castles, manor houses, and hunting lodges are available for private holidays and business use. Denmark has one of the oldest histories as a nation, and for centuries from ca. 1200 castles were established around the most beautiful places in Denmark. Some of these are now accepting guests. Castles are an excellent place for a different vacation, wedding, conference or family celebration.

Denmark’s castles and mansions have a lot of history and provide a special ambiance.  You feel the history, you share the beauty and tranquility. These castles have adapted well to the demands of the time and offer a complete castle holiday lodging, which includes accommodations and a kitchen that showcases quality local selections of food, wine, and drinks. The rooms and facilities are always updated and maintained.

Meet Dragsholm Castle

Such an example is Dragsholm Castle in Odsherred which paved the way in 2017 for other castles concepts, receiving a highly-deserved Michelin Star for excellent food suitable for one of Denmark’s oldest and most impressive castles. We’re talking about roots in the 1300s here, and the architecture is solid yet elegant. White-washed facades and black roofs. Pure medieval architecture.

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Come to Denmark on a castle holiday

There are many idyllic castles and manor houses with fascinating history and charm.

A castle holiday can be found in most parts of Denmark: Valdemar’s Castle at Tåsinge, Jerstrup Manor House on Nordfyn, Tranekær Castle at Langeland, Schackenborg in Sønderjylland, Rubjerg Gods at Egeskov Castle in Midtfyn and Lungholm Castle in Lolland and many more.

Traveltalk.dk will share more travel inspiration on castle holidays in the future including travel options from abroad.

Famous castles to visit in Europe

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