Infinite Adventures

Infinite Adventures

North America has many beautiful remote places to visit and long distances to cover (especially in Alaska where there are still many gravel roads). Why not do it more comfortably in a vehicle that has more space and is perfectly equipped for being outdoors and camping?

Venture out into the wild, experience the great outdoors, go bear viewing, and spot grizzly bears and moose. Embrace the wilderness of Alaska and travel overland with us through Denali National Park, the Wrangell Mountains, and along the coastline at the Kenai Peninsula. Go on an epic road trip and be active outdoors: hiking, kayaking, and canoeing in the wild. This is the Adventure you have been waiting for – Discover Alaska with Infinite Adventures!

Sailboat and galciers in Glacier National park in Alaska

Sailboat and glaciers in Glacier National park in Alaska

Why travel with Infinite Adventures?

If you like outdoor activities and nature and want to explore the amazing culture, landscape, and animals of Alaska or concentrate on the beautiful National Parks in the Western US like Yellowstone, Arches National Park, the Monument Valley or hike along one of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, I believe going on an overland trip is the best way to do it. You will be right out in the wilderness with our converted school bus being self-sufficient and enjoying evenings around the campfire. We are a small company and are leading most of the trips ourselves. We absolutely love our job and as owners, we will be flexible enough to make every trip a unique experience.

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Why go to Alaska

Why go to Alaska?

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