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Traveltalk is all about happy and exciting vacation traveling and providing cool vacation/holiday tips for your next journey to discover the world. Traveltalk is what feeds your travel imagination and dreams. We deliver travel information, that makes dreams come true.Every month we grow in size and partnerships, so we can feed you the most relevant travel stories, inspirations, and gradually more travel offers. It is a joy to travel. And we share it with you.

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Traveltalk is a better way to find holidays around the world is a fresh and exciting new way to find holidays/vacations, travel inspiration, and deals. Our quick search engine, Dream Travel, is an example: It lets you find travel destinations and you can combine them with your chosen travel interests, such as
active vacations, skiing, and sailing. or sunbathing holidays, and allows you to search directly for a destination offering these travel interests in one click. provides you with inspiring travel advice and travel offers from all continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. What is your travel dream?

active vacation with Traveltalk, woman on top of the world

Active vacation with Traveltalk, woman on top of the world

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Traveltalk lets you can combine your travel interests with a massive selection of destinations and travel themes using our smart search companion, Dream Travel.

Although we are not a tour operator, we do offer highly attractive deals through our partner airlines, hotels, rental companies, and experience providers, as well as valuable information about different travel destinations and experiences. You’ll also find geographical and cultural information on our featured destinations such as maps with tourist attractions, temperature, currency, entertainment, travel facts, and much more.

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Don’t forget to check out our Travel Interests featuring loads of information and travel suggestions on adventure travel, sailing holidays, skiing, cycling holidays, castle holidays, extreme sports, gourmet trips, and more. Have a nice trip!

Travel inspiration in abundance started a travel newsletter in 2017 and we took it to a whole new level the following year. With Traveltalk News, we are able to provide our readers with fresh and unique ideas for travel themes, destinations, and tours, as well as news and offers before everyone else does. By signing up on the Traveltalk News page, you automatically qualify in our monthly raffle, with exciting prizes at stake such as gift certificates from our partner airlines, hotels, tour providers, and many more! Rest assured that we will never share data with third parties, or ask anything more than your name, email and country.


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