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Antigua and Barbuda, in search of your very private paradise beach

The former British colonies in the eastern Caribbean, Antigua, and Barbuda are not the largest islands in the area, but in turn, have some of the most pristine and stunning beaches. Antigua even thinks that having a new beach for you all year round, while Barbuda is focusing more on the beach wow factor, so it is really high. It is also a contributing factor to the fact that the jet set, this volatile and undefined group of wealthy people with a sense of life’s good offers, have bought a house here or just stay here often, so you can also play paparazzi if you are just there.

Catamaran at Jolly beach on

Catamaran at Jolly beach on

Cruise line visits is a very real option

A significant part of the visitors come with cruise lines and just raid the island for experiences and then on to the next country and island, while others give the islands a chance, relax, swim with stingrays that are not dangerous, enjoy the bird life and the many activities from diving, over sea fishing for boat trips and windsurfing, all available on your paradise vacation in the Caribbean.

Facts  about Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are an East Caribbean state, consisting of the two islands of Antigua and Barbuda. South of the island is the island of Guadeloupe, to the southwest of the island of Montserrat and to the west of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Capital: Saint John’sAreal: 440 km²
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
Population: 91,818 (2015)
Continent: North America
Official language: English

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