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You can also read about the latest travel news here, such as new flight routes, destinations, etc.

Traveltalk News takes the pulse of travel news on new destinations, experiences and exciting travel opportunities worldwide. Traveltalk News is very strong on Europe and vacation in Europe. We deliver to you our most-read travel stories in a newsletter for the past month or so, plus a few deals and prizes that you simply cannot miss. Receive special offers and get a chance to win various travel-related goodies such as travel gear, accommodation, and tickets. It’s all part of the Traveltalk´s concept and our main objective is to bring more fun and savings to your dream travels. The only requirement to be eligible for these deals and prizes is to have an existing subscription to our newsletter.

Started April 2018, you can win a Ryan Air gift card worth 500 Kr. just by signing up to out Travelscene newsletter. We will message the winner directly.

Ryan Air flies to a wide range of destinations from most of Europe. Fly from London, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen and other points of departure directly to 3 different destinations in Europe.

See Ryan Air´s own page here at

We draw new winners each month! Prizes are subject to change at any given period.

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We collect our best posts and most relevant travel articles and share them with you. There may also be some discounts on travel, last-minute deals, offers on hotels, flights, and travel gear such as suitcases, sunglasses, etc., and thus the newsletter, is run by the parent company Creanordic Ltd. from Denmark.

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