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Billund Airport is Denmark´s jumping off point from the western part of the country. With over 3 million passengers a year it is undergoing a period of dynamic growth which will encourage more and more airlines to offer direct destinations from Billund. The ongoing expansion of its facilities makes Billund a convenient and comfortable airport to start your journey from or transit through, either for leisure or business travel. Billund is the gateway to over 90 destinations throughout Europe, and 540 worldwide. In the spring of 2019, 4 new cities will be joining the international destinations it can offer: Krakow, Edinburgh, Prague, and Kiev. A number of charter companies and low-cost carriers operate from Billund.

Billund Airport has ambitious environmental goals

Interestingly, as a smaller yet growing airport, one of Billund Airport´s strong focuses is on being an environmentally-friendly airport – minimizing, reducing and recycling, wherever possible, energy, noise, waste, surface, and groundwater. Its aim is to be one of the leading airports in terms of environmental solutions, implementing new technology and know-how to reduce its impact on nature and the environment. Collecting surplus groundwater to cool the terminal in summer is just one example. So by flying via Billund, you will be doing your bit to help the environment!

Here is a selection of just some of the other destinations you can reach by direct flights from Billund:

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