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TruTravels run short group tours in Asia & Latin America in; Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Borneo, Sri Lanka, and India, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica & Mexico. These tours are aimed at backpacker-style travelers, suiting young people who want to have the best time of their life with minimal hassle. Unlike the traditional tour companies, all tours have been put together and are run by backpackers and travelers like yourself. TruTravels pride itself on running tours that feel more like traveling around with a group of old friends, than what people perceive as a tour group.

TruTravels is a small company made up of experienced travelers and backpackers, which allows them to keep the costs of their trips down by using local knowledge. By keeping the hefty margin away, unlike other big tour operators, they can offer great value for money travel experiences, all because they love what they do and want to provide their travelers with the best experience of possible experience of Asia and Latin America.

Story of TruTravels

Back in 2012, TruTravels was started on the idea that life was not about being stuck in the rat race and working boring jobs. Joe Fallon and Mark Pope had “lived the dream” previously, working and traveling throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Europe for several years, and decided that they needed a change. They started TruTravels.

After meeting in a London Pub, they decided that they should change it up a bit, and went to start doing what they really wanted to do; live in paradise. They wanted to show people the time of their lives in paradise, and this became the blueprint for their plan; to provide life-changing experiences for backpackers and travelers, by backpackers and travelers. To this day, TruTravels still does this and continues to provide travelers the opportunity to go on a hassle-free holiday, that is still adventurous, and prepares them for any further solo journeys into the future.

India, China, Mongolia and Japan. The view from the satellites

India, China, Mongolia and Japan. The view from the satellites

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Thailand Experience, see the Tour

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