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Zanzibar delivers you the authentic dream trip to Africa

Zanzibar? Say it high. Alone word blends a blend of history, mystery and modern luxury. Kridhvide beaches flow with palms into the minds as contained in this wonderfully sounding word. But what is Zanzibar for a size? And does the African island manage to live up to the role it has been given as an attractive destination for all travelers?

Zanzibar women on sandy beach

Zanzibar women on a sandy beach

Zanzibar is synonymous with lots of beaches and azure sea

Zanzibar is the island that can attract most. First of all, the island is known to be tightly packed with sandy beaches of the highest quality with irresistible azure water. The coast of the north of the island is mainly occupied by large, beautiful resorts with an arsenal of beach chairs and umbrellas ready for the beach-lovers. The large hotels are accompanied by fine restaurants, which typically stay close to the beach so that they do not have to cheat on their meals for the view of the sea. Along with the delicious climate that belongs to the area, there is not much to complain about if you aim to get away from everyday stress and me, and all the pictures from the area show a nature that is difficult to get along with.

Discovered in Stone Town on Zanzibar

If the northern part of the island nevertheless can not extinguish the whole thirst for adventure, the next step on the journey is to visit the cultural center of Zanzibar, Stone Town. For example, the journey can be taken with Daladala – the local bus, where you can get close to the locals – and pass good distances for a good price. It also runs to Zanzibar airport.

Local people on a street in Stone Town. Stone Town is the old part of Zanzibar City, the capital of Zanzibar, Tanzania. D

Local people on a street in Stone Town. Stone Town is the old part of Zanzibar City, the capital of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Stone Town is the main city of Zanzibar and an absolute must-see for most tourists. The romantic thought of getting lost in the exciting streets of the city is completely involuntarily realized here in the city, where the streets are so small and skewed that at the outset there is no head and tail in them. Fortunately, it’s not a huge city, so it’s affordable to get lost on foot, and there’s never really much home again. In fact, it’s quite obvious to go town thin to start with; In addition to the orientation benefits it will bring when you know the city on foot, it also opens up to a neat detail of the city. Stone Town is known for its incredible doors. Many of the buildings are equipped with doors that have beautiful carvings in the tree, both with symbolic images or religious fonts. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but these doors help create a special atmosphere and mix of cultures that take place in the very small and snowy streets.

Traditional meals of Zanzibar. Breakfast, food

Traditional food from Zanzibar. Squid, grilled fish, and seafood with a delicious salad. The day is on!

Food from all over the world on Zanzibar

The culture is very special at Zanzibar. It is a fusion of East African, Arabic, Indian, Persian and different European culture, which also reflects throughout the history of the island, its architecture and, not least, in cooking. There are restaurants in all price ranges and there is high-quality food from any culture at affordable prices. Traditional Swahili food can be enjoyed in various places in the city with accompanying live music, which is an experience every time.

Seafood is, of course, one of the specialties that belong to living and eating on an island. And it is almost necessary to try the seafood market in Forodhani Park, where every day is served today’s catch in all conceivable shapes next to the booths selling freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. Tourists and locals flow to the park to attend the festivities, and it adds only to the good atmosphere.

In order not to spend the holidays there are also cultural institutions that witness the fascinating history of the island. The House of Wonders is Stone Town’s largest building and houses a museum of Zanzibar and Swahili culture. The Old Fort is the city’s oldest building and has been used as a defense against attacks by the Portuguese and later as a prison. Both buildings are close to Forodhani Park along with several other attractions.

A farmer s hand presenting a fresh nutmeg fruit in zanzibar

Zanzibar. Fresh nutmeg ready for processing.

Zanzibar is the Spice Island, all your taste buds come into play

Zanzibar is internationally known as the Spice Island because of the many spices that grow in the fertile land on the island and which have been traded throughout history. The so-called “spice tours” are very popular and give an insight into how to grow all the spices we know from our kitchen and how they look before they are ready for use. This is where you experience going through a cloud of a scent of fresh vanilla while listening to locals singing while crawling in the trees to warn that coconuts may fall down here. The tours are often arranged with a good homemade lunch for the participants who are enjoyed when they are discovered in the plantations. It all boils down with lots of classic replicas, which are known from the Disney film of the Lion King, cited in the original Swahili.

Zanzibar is an island that can accommodate most people! There are hotels and food in any price range, and the experiences can satisfy most travelers’ needs. The local daladala means that even the transport around the island becomes possible on the tight budget that characterizes backpackers, and at the other end of the scale, one can completely escape the busy reality of a northern resort. The hype that belongs to Zanzibar is absolutely justified.

Tanzania savanne

Tanzania savannah


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