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Tranquille Yoga retreats around the world: Greece, Wales, The French Alps, Canada

Our first visit to a yoga retreat of the selected yoga retreats around the world goes to Silver Island in Greece. You fly to Athens, take a taxi of approx. 90 min. including sailing to the island.
The small beautiful Silver island is on 60 acres complete with whitewashed houses, small churches along the roads and glorious sea views. During the Greek EU crisis, it was completely neglected, but the heir to the island swore not to give up and with volunteer help, she managed to create this unique place: a completely private island with plenty of nature, including private beach lagoons, where you can be completely yourself. It offers yoga stays at a locally delicious hotel/retreat led by experienced teachers. You eat fantastic vegetarian food and drink local wine or water. The Greek version of the Mediterranean way to eat reigns here, which is among the healthiest in the world. And it is not a diet, it is more like a way of life.

Yoga retreat on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales

Then we jump to the next suggestion to an ever-growing list of exciting yoga retreats, this time in Wales. Wales is such a fantastic place, not the hottest travel spot, but one of the best. The Isle of Anglesey is a fairly unknown, yet large and beautiful island off the northeast coast of Wales. With an area of 715 km², it is by far the largest Welsh island and the seventh-largest in the UK. Here is plenty to see for tourists, yes enough for more trips, and here we also find one of Zest Life Retreats’ beautiful yoga places. In addition to yoga, you can practice sea swimming, paddleboarding, hiking in low mountains, fitness, etc. You live very private and quiet in the larger mansion and there are 2 times 90 minutes of daily yoga and meditation and Pranayama (breathing / meditative exercises) supervised by either creator of the site Laura Bell or partner Kate Hamilton-Hunter.

See the video here  Zest Life.

Adventure yoga in France

Adventure yoga in France

Adventure Yoga in the French Alps?

Adventure Yogi is no less than a 10-year-old yoga retreat concept. The focus is, it should be fun versus ascetic. It should still be healthy and you probably like skiing too. Incidentally, a perfect combination of skiing and yoga: Cross fitness? Smooth, fast muscles that rebuild strength after skiing on a daily basis and you are strengthened by both forms of exercise. You also get the extra experience of yoga in the cleanest mountain air of the French Alps.
It is not for sleepovers, except you define the concept of getting up at 7  AM and be ready for today’s first yoga session. Instructor Chetana Thornton is ready to take care of you, and then comes a day of skiing or snowboarding, maybe a sauna and relaxation before the evening’s 90-minute “restorative class”, where the well-used muscles stretch out again and get ready for the next day. You live in an apartment at the foot of Sainte Foy. Every evening, you can enjoy a 3-course gourmet vegetarian dinner including local organic wines. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete for neither skiing nor yoga. Everyone is welcome.


Wellness i Alperne, yoga class

Yoga in beautiful Kleinwalsertal, Austria

Imagine standing on the mountainside as the sun rises and doing your asanas?
Wellness in Kleinwalsertal in Austria cannot be reduced to a visit to the spa, or a run and gym in the morning. It is a wide and varied offer to make something healthy, refreshing and relaxing for you and those you love. And yoga is key.

Let’s start with something that unites mind and body better than most things. A pilgrimage is far from just a cramped group trip. It is a time-out and an opportunity to get away from the stresses of everyday life and just be yourself. Through Mühlviertel’s magical landscapes, the pilgrimage path Johannesweg (Johannesvejen) goes, and here, in the midst of beautiful nature, you have plenty of opportunities to give time to yourself. You can think of new energy, get to know yourself better and who knows what else? There may be many reasons to go on a pilgrimage, but one thing is certain: you are a better version of yourself when you get home. That is a great result.

Yoga, walking and hiking in Austria


Canada, På yoga ophold i Nova Scotia i det østlige uberørte Canada

Yoga on an island in Nova Scotia, where the eagles actually soar

Yoga Nature Retreat is located on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. You get a whole week away from the big city, the noise, and stress. There are no cars, no distractions besides the aforementioned eagles and other exciting and beautiful animals that look past. The sea noise in the background forms the frame of Asanas on the beach every morning. In the evening, there are breathing exercises and lectures and Native American healing. The dinner is consumed with millions of stars over the fire on the beach. Monica leads your daily training. She has several other trips and stays with the same theme. Traveltalk will bring more travel space on yoga, tai-chi and other forms of travel with holistic exercise and personal development and relaxation as purpose.

Join Rivkah Rachel for this adventurous yoga retreat in the gorgeous Cape Breton Highlands. Discover the unique landscapes of eastern Canada and of yourself through movement and stillness. This retreat opens to yogis and adventurers of all levels and all genders. You will enjoy delicious local meals, explore new terrain, and make new friends.

Canada, På yoga ophold i Nova Scotia i det østlige uberørte Canada

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