Visit Poland from The Amber Coast to the Tatra Mountains

Visit Poland, See the new Warszawa, Krakow, and Tatra mountains

Visit Poland, cause it is now a vibrant new edition of itself. It has been an exciting travel destination since before the fall of the Iron Curtain. Now it is a country with recent history as a country with great economic growth in the EU.

Today a free proud nation with affordable travel destinations for everyone from downright luxury to backpacker budget. That was the far too short version. Let’s do the same with geography:
The Baltic Sea coast is quite frankly beautiful beaches with a wide and wooded hinterland. It is called the Amber Coast and contains, among other things, Gdynia, Gdansk, and Miedzyzdroje. The latter with an absolutely first-class hotel almost at the water’s edge and a golf course that can compete with the best. It’s all very close to Denmark, we can almost wave,  and it’s definitely worth a trip.

Warsaw: Experience Poland’s Capital

Warsaw: Experience Poland’s Capital

Visit Poland also the less well-known mountains

Well, let’s skip a bit: There are really nice skiing and hiking holidays in the Tatra mountains. There are hunting trips, among other things. to the east with large animals in the sights, and there is a big city holiday in many cities such as Krakow, which is UNESCO beautiful and historic and worthy of preservation, or there is trendy Warsaw with a totally rebuilt old town, and then we learn a little Polish because it is called Stare Miasto, yes the old town. Let’s take a look at Warsaw:

Warszaw has grown incredibly much to offer

Warsaw is sure to enchant you with its mix of cultural currents from Western and Eastern Europe. Here, national history and tradition meet with ultra-modern Europe with high-rise buildings and business areas of impressive size and quality.

The city is full of contrasts, where historical monuments and modern architecture lie side by side. Monumental palaces, historic buildings, and architectural gems destroyed during the Second World War have been reconstructed with such care that it is impossible to distinguish them from authentic structures.

The city is rich in open spaces with green spaces and public parks. It’s actually very nice here. The city is loaded with brand stores from all over the world, so you have a developed shopping gene, be my guest.

Michelin-star restaurants and nightclubs will also tempt some of us. Others are tempted by the incredibly cheap “regular” restaurants. Your payment card will be appropriately exercised, but not be inconvenienced. It is an art in itself. Warsaw is for all of us.

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