Top designer hotels around the world

Top designer hotels worldwide, you must see

Top designer hotels are amazingly different and creative constructions. You will be amazed when you read this article.
Occasionally, it’s normal for everyone to yearn for something different and out of the way. Yes, the golden sand and the clear and warm water are very attractive. Yes, the clear mountain air invites you to explore everything. But the problem is that sometimes you just want something different, and the usual vacation spot is no longer enough!

Try something completely different.

Travel and vacations are considered by many to be the ultimate way to deviate from the usual daily routines we routinely carry, as it is on vacations and travel that we see new sights, meet new people, and experience new things. However, even vacations and travel can take on a monotonous vibe through repetition and consistency. You may also feel bored with your vacations and trips if you visit a beach every summer, rent a cabin in the woods every winter, or have dinner at a hotel every holiday.

Ice hotel Sweden

Ice hotel Sweden

Icehotel Sweden, now that is unusual

Two hundred kilometers above the Arctic Circle, where the northern lights dance in the winter sky and the midnight sun shines for 50 consecutive days and nights throughout the summer, is Jukkasjärvi, where the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow.

The 5,500-square-meter Icehotel Sweden is located approximately 11 kilometers from Kiruna and has more than 65 warm and cold rooms that are built annually with ice from the nearby river. It also accommodates nine Art Suites, eleven Deluxe Suites with private baths and relaxation, and an ice gallery.

Deluxe suites are more preferable as they offer private luggage storage, and some even have their own bath and sauna. All the beds in the cold rooms are made of ice blocks with a wooden base and a mattress covered with reindeer skins.

You don’t have to stay in a room at the Ice Hotel to see what it’s all about. The hotel is open to the public during the day, so you can visit every type of room you have without having to book a room for the night.

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book and bed Tokyo

Book and Bed, Tokyo. Brilliant name for this hotel

Book and Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

The Book and Bed Tokyo fulfill your very likely dream of becoming a book. It also fulfills the criteria “Unusual hotels fully”. Tokyo Book and Bed Tokyo look like a used bookstore until guests open a bookshelf and reveal a cozy corner with a single bed, reading light, and electrical outlet. No qualm, and not for claustrophobes, there are 30 stacked cubicles, each large enough for one person, behind shelves filled with 3,000 titles in Japanese and English for all the tastes of your book. Bathrooms are shared, and sofas in the off-shelf area provide a communal reading and gathering area.

This themed hotel focuses on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where it is possible to relax in the simplest possible way which is book-oriented.

Book and Bed Tokyo

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LIberty Bell Boston, lobby

Liberty Bell Hotel, Boston, lobby click link below to go the hotel

Liberty Hotel Boston

Built-in 1851, the jail, located in the heart of Boston’s Beacon Hill, closed its doors due to overcrowding in 1990. In 2007, it brilliantly converted into a high-end 298-room home, still showing parts of the original structure. Dine inside the remains of the original jail cells at the hotel restaurant, Clink, and enjoy a drink at Alibi, the bar that once became the jail’s drunk tank. The catwalk, a catwalk that was once patrolled by correctional officers, and part of the 16-story tower structure, now houses Liberty’s newest bar. Even the “Do Not Disturb” signs say “Solitaire.” If you want the authentic locked-in experience, ask to stay in one of the 18 rooms that feature parts of the royal jail. Investigate local architecture by taking a guided tour of historical houses like the Harrison Gray Otis Houses and the Nichols House Museum. Shop on Charles Street, which offers terrifyingly unique stores. Or get wet at the community dock, which is just a seven-minute walk from the hotel.

Liberty Bell Boston

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Hotel Costa Verde, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, pretty unusual hotel

The motto of the Costa Verde Hotel in Costa Rica is “Still more cute than people …”, but its other claim to fame is that guests can spend the night in a recycled 1965 Boeing 727 that has been converted into a house two-bedroom luxury guest house. While the distinctive shape of the fuselage is intact, the interior is entirely clad in local teak. Windows offer jungle and ocean views throughout the plane, which rests on 50-foot-tall supports, and covered patios extend over the wings. The rooms are air-conditioned, and each has its own bathroom. Dine in the kitchen or enjoy local food and drinks at El Avión, the restaurant, and pub of the Hotel Costa Verde, located on a C-123 Fairchild cargo plane that played a role in the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980s.

Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Hotel palaciodesal

Hotel palacio de Sal

Hotel Palacio de Sal, Bolivia, salt for building, that is one unusual hotel

True to its name, the Bolivian Palacio de Sal Hotel is built entirely of salt. Its walls, ceilings, and sculptures, as well as most of its furniture, including the beds, are made of large bricks of salt. The floors, meanwhile, are covered with a thick, crisp layer of the material. Located at the height of 12,000 feet, the sodium-themed property also offers a full-service spa, a fine-dining restaurant, and an in-house tour operator that takes guests to the Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest salt flat in the planet. “An otherworldly white desert destination that should be on the wish list of any serious traveler.”

The Palacio de Sal was built in 2007 to accommodate travelers to the Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes. The hotel is organized as a palace with large standard rooms, a bar, a restaurant and spa, and 16 private rooms with igloo-like bathrooms with vaulted ceilings. The spa has a dry sauna and steam room, a saltwater pool, and hot tubs. The 9-hole golf course is open from May to November and is a unique course with a hard surface of salt.

Hotel Palacio de Sal

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Dromenaanzee. Holland

Dromenaanzee. Holland, unusual hotels

Dromen Aan Zee, Harlingen, The Netherlands

Dromen Aan Zee, translated into Dreaming by the Sea, offers three unique rooms that celebrate Harlingen’s maritime culture. Pretty unusual hotel.  The Havenkraan has guests who remain 56 feet above the ground in a port crane that, until 1996, was used to unload ships. The engine and control rooms have been converted into an elegant apartment with panoramic views of the Wadden Sea. Bright colors, a complete entertainment system, kitchen area, full bathroom, and rooftop patio feel more like a Tony yacht than the industrial machinery known locally as “the spider.” Nearby Vuurtoren is a dismantled lighthouse built-in 1920 that now has three spiral rooms on top, with all the amenities and 360-degree views of the sea and city from its 72-foot-tall patio. For something closer to the ground, or to water, the Reddingsboot is a modern lifeboat-turned room that can be pulled out for a two-hour cruise. The former Lilla Marras, who saved 45 lives throughout her career, now has a full bathroom with a wooden double tub, kitchen, double bed, and a living room with an entertainment system. Enjoy meals on top and observe the daily routine of the port.

Dromen Aan Zee

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Hotel Marques De Riscal, Spain

Since opening in 2006, this masterpiece hotel created by Frank Gehry has become a sought-after contemporary and luxury retreat. Perfect design, art, gastronomy, wine, and the lush landscape combine to create a memorable stay among the medieval cities of Elciego. The hotel’s luxurious interior bears the unmistakable hallmark of Gehry’s design. The sloping walls, the curved windows, the cathedral’s high ceilings, and a wealth of bespoke details create the impression of accommodation as a work of art in its 43 rooms and suites.


Hotel Marques De Riscal, Spain, unusual hotels

Hotel Marques De Riscal, Spain, unusual hotels

Hotel Marques de Riscal


fairbanks alaska bed and breakfast. unsual hotels

Fairbanks Alaska bed and breakfast. Unsual hotels

Aurora Express Bed & Breakfast, Fairbanks, Alaska

The Aurora-Express Bed & Breakfast offers several train carriages that have been restored at various periods in history. The train carriages reside on 700 feet of railroad track overlooking Fairbanks and the Tanana Valley. Interiors vary: one has been converted into four suites; another has been converted to its original use as a sleeping car. A two-bedroom suite was formerly a hospital car in World War II, and the caboose has been restored to serve as a private car. The latest addition to the property is the Diner Car, an 85-foot-long car that seats 24 people. You can enjoy breakfast there, sometimes with entertainment. Fairbanks, Alaska’s second-largest city, offers many outdoor activities, as well as shopping and the opportunity to see the Northern Lights.

Aurora Express Bed & Breakfast, Fairbanks

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Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives


Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island welcomes guests to immerse themselves in an extraordinary experience both above and below the surface of the Indian Ocean in the world’s first underwater village, called “Muraka.” This villa is a triumph of modern design and technology, offering a truly transformative journey suited to amaze the most sophisticated explorers from around the world. Located more than 16 feet (5 m) below sea level in the middle of the glass-walled Indian Ocean, the Muraka is a two-tier aquarium where you can fall asleep to fish swimming above your head and wake up with coral arms.

Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

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Red Caboose Motel, Pennsylvania, train hotel, unsusual hotels

Red Caboose Motel, Pennsylvania, train hotel, unusual hotels

Train Hotel: Red Caboose Motel, Pennsylvania

Train lovers will be delighted to know that the world has a set of unique inns located on secluded locomotives. The Red Caboose Motel in Pennsylvania, for example, has turned the world’s most extensive private collection of vans into a quirky hotel surrounded by Amish farms, with a restaurant car called Casey Jones’ Restaurant and the impressive Pennsylvania Railroad Museum right at the end. road. Dorms resemble basic motel rooms, except that they are in real vans.

Red Caboose Motel, Pennsylvania

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the cave hotel Aydinli

The cave hotel Aydinli

 Aydinli Cave House Hotel, Goreme, Turkey

Explorers looking to smother their in-house spelunker can stay at the Aydinli Cave House Hotel opened in 2008. Located high up in the old village center in the heart of Old Göreme, Turkey, the family-run 14-room hotel is carved from natural rock, and the traditional Cappadocian stone, where parts of the cave structure date back 750 years. The rooms are decorated in natural and earthy decor and are named after their origins. The old pigeon nest and food storage room, known as Divanhorne, or the living room, offers original sculptures and a private terrace with the best view. The Sirahane, or Wine Place, consisting of two large rooms connected by a mini staircase. One was used for crushing grapes for wine and pekmez production, a Turkish grape molasses, and the other, Cardark, is where the bread was baked. Before exploring Cappadocia, enjoy a traditional Turkish buffet breakfast or take in panoramic views of Göreme and Rose Valley from the hotel’s rooftop terrace.

Aydinli Cave House Hotel, Goreme, Turkey


Hotel Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Hotel

Queen Mary is a giant former ocean liner that started sailing in 1936, before being used as an American troop transport during World War II. A gigantic construction that is slightly larger than its predecessor, The Titanic, The Queen Mary made over a thousand transatlantic crossings before its retirement.

Since 1967, this giant of the seas has been used as a hotel and museum in her Long Beach home, where her 3 chimneys cast an unexpected shadow over California’s modern horizon. While onboard, there is no shortage of events, historical tours, and dining rooms to meet all needs.

 The Queen Mary Hotel

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Happy Nomads hotel

Happy Nomads hotel

Happy Nomads Village, Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Experience traditional Kyrgyz life in one of the three great bozuis (Kyrgyz for “yurt”) at Happy Nomads Village. Surrounded by flower gardens in warm weather, each traditionally built bozui has heated floors and twin beds around a circular perimeter that can accommodate five people. Simple interiors have colorful rugs and wall designs, Wi-Fi, and electrical outlets. A large bathroom with multiple showers is shared, and a breakfast with homemade bread and jams is served in a communal yurt. During the day, go horseback riding through the mountainous countryside with the owners who speak English, German and Russian, or in winter go skiing to the Karakol ski resort in 20 minutes.

Happy Nomads Village, Karakol, Kyrgyzstan 


Seaventures Rig Resort, Pulau Mabul Malaysia. Trying staying on an oilrig?

An oil rig is planted at the top of the Coral Triangle, one of the most spectacular dive sites in the world. But this is not an environmental disaster waiting to happen; rather, it is the dream hotel of an avid diver. An elevator lowers the divers to the water below to make their way through the reef system, and all dives are included in the cost of their stay. But not all the entertainment is underwater: the hotel also offers live bands and barbecue nights.

Seventures Rig Resort, Pulau, Mabul, Malaysia


Sol Crucero Resort, South Korea

Sol Crucero Resort, South Korea

Sol Crucero Resort, South Korea

Located on a coastal cliff in Jeongdongjin, a tourist destination known for having the best sunrise view in South Korea, Sun Cruise Resort is one of the largest tourist destinations in the country. The hotel is a specially designed cruise ship ashore. It is built high on the edge of a mountain, so that a walk on the terrace allows its guests to feel that they are at sea without suffering dizziness. Sun Cruise Resort has 211 hotel and condo rooms, a Western and Korean restaurant, a revolving lounge, a nightclub, karaoke, and a seawater pool.

Sol Crucero Resort


Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Mansion, Kenya, say good morning to your pet giraffe

The exclusive Giraffe Manor boutique hotel is housed in one of Nairobi’s most iconic buildings, and its timeless elegance is reminiscent of the 1930s when European visitors first flocked to East Africa for safaris. With its majestic façade, elegant interior, green gardens, and charming courtyards, guests often comment that it’s like stepping into the movie Out of Africa. However, the fascinating thing about this unusual hotel is its herd of resident Rothschild giraffes who visit morning and night, tucking their long necks in the windows in hopes of a gift, before retiring to their forest sanctuary.

Giraffe Mansion


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