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Travel destinations all over the world. More than you could possibly hope to visit in a lifetime, but go for it. We help you find what is the most interesting, newest, most exotic and charming travel destinations in this world of ours. From New Guinea to New York.

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Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse to the very top of Austria´s Alps

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse. Drive up the highest mountain in Austria. Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse is all about heights and unbelievable views. In Austria, there are several mountain peaks exceeding the height of  3000 m. Actually almost 25. One of them, the majestic Grossglockner stretches a full 3798 meters towards the sky. The highest…
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Go to Israel   Israel is one of the most exciting places in the world. Israel is a center of the three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Abraham, Moses, Ishmael, Jacob, King David, Jesus and Mohammed are part of the history of Israel. Israel has 4,000 years of history, culture and…
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Lisbon, charming capital of Portugal

Lisbon in warm and welcoming Portugal Lisbon is the capital in Portugal, the European country located on the Iberian Peninsula in the southwest corner of Europe. The west and south of Portugal are set at the corner of the Atlantic Ocean, giving it some of the most dramatic coastlines in…
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Algarve, best golf destination in the world 2020

Golfing on the Algarve Coast is a winner. The Algarve is virtually synonymous with golf. Every year, thousands of golfers from all over the world come to the southern coast of Portugal for a unique experience. They come here to play challenging courses or take their first steps in the…
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Portugal – what to see and do in sunny Portugal

What to see and do in Portugal? This a generous and varied list of things to do in Portugal, that will for sure put a smile on your face and add a fond memory once you go – of this friendly country blessed with 2 oceans, beautiful nature and the…
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Tokyo – one of the most iconic capitals in the world

Tokyo – fascinating Japan  – and the Olympics 2020 –  what to see, what to do and where to stay in Tokyo hosting the Olympic games 2020. The bustling capital of Japan, Tokyo, is a wonderful travel destination with a mix of ultramodern and traditional cultures. Known for its temples, festivals…
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Colombia In recent years Colombia has become one of the hottest new destinations in Latin America and with very good reasons. Its people are incredibly welcoming, it has everything from the Amazon rainforest to the rugged wild coast that overlooks the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, beautiful colonial cities,…
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Bolivia Bolivia is one of the most diverse and intriguing nations in South America. This landlocked country is surrounded by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, rewards adventurous travelers and encompasses everything that outsiders find most exotic and mysterious on the continent. From the majestic icy peaks and shady deserts of the Andes…
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Brazil The country that gave birth to the carnival, the dazzling costumes and the glorious beaches of Brazil, will seduce you to the rhythm of the Samba. The color mix shows the great diversity of Brazil. It has a hospitable spirit unmatched anywhere else in the world. The country of…
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Venezuela Venezuela is a country full of rich and varied culture and history. At the same time, a refined and soft touch of modernization makes this country fun and ideal package for tourism. Historical monuments, cultural and outdoor activities with fantastic food and wine are the highlights of Venezuela. Extensive beaches,…
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Uruguay Uruguay is somewhat hidden between Brazil and Argentina. Uruguay is below the tropical zone and has four seasons. The average high summer temperature is 82 degrees F, which cools down to 63 F at night. The average winter temperature is 57 degrees F, cooling to 43 F at night….
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