The Baltic states, are ready for an exciting visit

The Baltic States, old cultures and EU members

The countries that have shorelines along the Baltic Sea: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. Traveltalk covers all of them. They are all interesting travel destinations. The group of countries presently referred to by the shorthand Baltic States are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. They are all members of the EU and consider themselves rather close to Western Europe, which is also historically true and another reason to see maybe to start with the 3 very charming capitals Tallinn Riga and Vilnius.

Marine walking pier in Palanga, Lithuania.

If you’re pondering which of the three main Baltic states to visit on your next holiday to the region, why not do away with the need to make such a decision and visit all of them instead?

kayak trip on the river Daugava and the canal around the old city, closing the season on October 13, 2018

kayak trip on the river Daugava and the canal around the old city, closing the season, Latvia

Taking a tour of the Baltic states along the beautiful almost untouched coastline except for the major cities and capitals on the way could be the perfect way of seeing the main attractions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in a single holiday – and with each of these countries offering a vast array of cultural and historical sites, such a break is likely to be a particularly memorable one.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

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