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Lombok from volcanoes to deep-sea diving, Bali’s neighbor island Lombok is possibly the next Bali, just smaller. See this captivating video of Lombok, Indonesia, a neighboring island to Bali growing in popularity every month. You can jump on a little ferry to travel here and get one more original Indo island to see. The music… View Article

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Is there passion in Singapore? Yes, there are both pulse and passion in Singapore. You can feel the pulse and ambition of the city as you rise fresh and well-rested from the night flight to Singapore. Here so much more happens than we are used to from home, wherever that may be in this the… View Article

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Be seated – even better  seats  on Singapore Airlines on long hauls Even better seats on Singapore Airlines are on their way.  (2020) What would a better flight seat with more legroom and more setting options and no “conflicts” with the long-legged guy behind you mean to you on the long trips like Singapore –… View Article

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Formula Grand Prix, Sept. 2019, a 3 days roaring party FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES GRAND PRIX 2019 is undoubtedly the highlight of any year´s sporting events in Singapore. The Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Grand Prix, was first taking place in 2008 in the very center of the city and always lasts three days in total. In… View Article

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Fullerton Hotel, top-class hotel in Singapore Located in the imposing Fullerton Building, Fullerton Hotel is an example of neoclassical architecture at its best. The location of the hotel right next to Marina Bay in Singapore couldn’t be better. The building itself dates back to 1928 and today it is a national monument. It was also… View Article

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Bali from the air, amazing video Bali from the air: It is perhaps the best visual introduction to Bali. From wide beaches to narrow coastal gorges and further across the country’s green vegetation. It’s like being Indiana Jones on adventure. Up, up and away! Bali from the air and thus a whole new angle gives… View Article

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Bali from pristine beauty and innocence to now Tripadvisor’s users have voted Bali the world’s best travel destination. And for the first time have included the category “islands”. It is amazing and really good for Bali’s tourist industry that the whitewash and also the black beaches are so sought after. Here at Traveltalk we will… View Article

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Seminyak Beach, the famous place to visit in Bali Seminyak Beach is by far the most well-known part of Bali seen from the view of the discerning visitor´s preferences. It is not the cheapest either, but if you like a wonderful beach, gorgeous shopping, and high-end restaurants real close by, this is your place to hang… View Article

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Menjangan Island –  Island of the barking deer and National Park Yes welcome to Menjangan by West Bali, you have to drive a few hours to North Bali and then take a small boat to the approx. 3800 ha. Island, but if you want to see pristine beauty or snorkel or scuba-dive at beautiful coral… View Article

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Yangon, Myanmar is famous for its divine temples. Yangon is a bit like Mandalay, also in Myanmar. Everyone knows the place from somewhere, maybe from the song “Come back to Mandalay … and watch fly fishing in play” – but they have never been there. However, it inspired R. Kipling, and he wrote now famous… View Article

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