St Johann in Tirol for a quality skiing holiday in the Alps


St Johann in Tirol offers a quality skiing experience

St Johann in Tirol is one of the most beautiful Alpine towns in Austria and is a short distance from Munich. Only approx. 2 hours by car. You can drive from ie. Denmark here for 11-14 hours and literally without mountain driving. To bring the car transport time down to approx. 11 hours is only possible if you choose to give it gas and limit your pit stops along the way to eg. fast sandwiches plus make up for 3-4 smaller breaks along the way. And you should probably be at least 2 drivers, but that’s how most people do it. For most EU countries it is a 2-10 hours drive. Even the Swedes and more impressively the skiers from Finland find their way by car to Austria. Now that is a long, but rewarding drive.

Take it nice and easy,  so there is time for good lunch/dinner and a few coffee breaks, and time for the kids to play outside for a while. There are also no fewer than 3 airports nearby, Munich, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. You should probably arrive by plane or car or bus, even if you choose an accommodation on the way that can be made cheap in Germany and then you take the last 4-5 hours the next day from early morning, then you reach an almost full ski day on the day of arrival. That’s if you come from Northern Europe.

The main street in St. Johann, Tirol

St. Johann in Tirol is a very well maintained and beautiful Alpine village

Ok, we arrived at St. Johann and what is the first impression? It is that the city is incredibly well maintained and clean. Nothing is neglected. The houses are fine, often painted with alpine motifs that are pure art. And the streets are washed with great zeal as soon as a little gravel has gathered in a corner. There is everything you could want from lovely hotels over very fine supermarkets that are cheaper than in many countries, on to clothing stores, to modern handicrafts and eco-friendly food and delights.

Austrian energy

There is a sense of surplus, both mentally and economically, and a fine sense of balance between tourism and the rest of the authentic city life that lifts a ski resort over just the concept “hotels & ski lifts”. It is a real and small town with a long proud history in Tirol as a business hub. If you get caught up in the city’s atmosphere and want to own your own ski lodge or apartment down here, most people should just have a face-to-face conversation with their bank. It is more or less big city prices, but it just means the quality is present. It is in sharp contrast to the cost of living like a tourist. Eating out is very affordable.

St. Johann aften

St. Johann midnight

And St. Johann in Tirol has a plan for growth and for attracting a clientele, both adults, couples, and families, who just want a little more out of their vacation, without it becoming financially a challenge at all. Here is kindness, tranquility and lots of activities all year round on the mountain and in the city. New hotels, shops, etc. are being built, but one feels that it has been done with respect to maintaining and developing the qualities of the place. It hardly ends up as mass tourism. You want a good life.

We were there a few weeks before Easter and unconditionally enjoyed the city’s relaxing identity, became good friends with several of the locals and will come again. You are proud of what has been achieved over the centuries from trade and infrastructure to quality tourism. Even the trains actually run on time and are really nice. It all just works. The local people are friendly, cordial and proud in a good way.

St. Johann skiområde

The skiing in St. Johann in Tirol is totally approved

The writer here learned to ski in St. Johann in Tirol (there are several St. Johann in Austria) many years ago. Learned is perhaps an exaggeration Was left on top of the mountain by a few “good” school friends who believed that skiing should be taken as a self-study. It also became necessary. Only shortly before it was dark, I was down again and pretty much whole. In that situation, it is good to be a teenager. You regenerate quickly. And there must be a delayed and hearty thank you from here to the two (not so) pedagogical teachers who, by the way, both had been skiing since they were born. You know who you are. Today I would have turned to the ski school immediately. Incidentally, you always have to do that no matter how good you are. It takes approx. 6 years to become a ski instructor in Austria at the top level. It is the most respected ski instructor training in Europe, so we others can always learn something on skis and it gives a very motivating dimension extra to have a few ski learning focus points up with every day on the ski holiday.

Skiområdet under den nye hovedlift i St. Johann

The ski area with the new (2018) ski lift in St. Johann

The ski area in St Johann in Tirol is more than approved to jump directly to the conclusion. Experienced skiers tend to search for hundreds of pistes and challenges off-piste. There should preferably be 100 views of slopes and miles, but a smaller number of perfect slopes and lots of cozy places on the hill also have an audience. Read more about the terrain here at

St. Johann påske skiløb

You can get up on the mountain from 3 valley stations.

The ski lifts are so strategically placed that you can walk to the lift, even in ski boots, wherever you live in the city and a little outside, but you do not have to. The local ski rentals will gladly store your rented equipment during your stay right next to the lifts. It makes everything easier.

Hahnenkammrennen 2019 afholdes 21.01.-27.01.

Hahnenkammrennen 2019

Take a detour to the famous Kitzbühel in 16 minutes

At approx. 16 minutes you can be in Kitzbühel, which is the opposite side of the same mountain as St. Johann in Tirol is located by with well-functioning ski buses or by taxi. Only 12 km away. Here, the famous downhill race is held every year, if not the most famous in the world, Hahnenkammrennen, so if you have to go out on black slopes (they are also found in St. Johann), then you just go over there and go to all in (advanced skiers only), and then in the afternoon for the after skiing, you have so richly deserved, you can experience the atmosphere of Kitzbühel, which  is famous, casinos etc. included. Do you plan your ski holiday right in time in St. Johann in Tirol, you could just drive over and see the world-famous Hahnenkammrennen running. It is exhilarating and a big event in itself.

It goes so fast in reality and is a completely different experience than watching it on TV. You can also go all out on the concept of “many, many pistes”, as Austria’s largest continuous ski area is less than an hour away.

New ski lifts provide maximum comfort, and several ski lifts are on their way to St Johann in Tirol

Try the brand new cabin lifts from Eichenhof, which is one of the 3 roads up in the terrain of St. Johann in Tirol. In short, St. Johann is an excellent base for a very large and varied skiing outside the city using the huge neighboring skiing facilities but it is also very possible to just stay on the mountain and run relevant (easy, medium, difficult, much skiing / little etc.) and not least great skiing every day. We also met the skilled ski instructor Bernhard on a sunny day at the lift in the valley station Eichenhof, which lies in almost complete shelter between three mountains. The first thing that struck us was that there were very little wind and a lot of sun. St. Johann in Tirol is generally sheltered, much more than we have experienced in so many other ski destinations. The valleys of Tirol are otherwise wide, but with 3000 meters high mountains, the wind is often shielded on its way to the ski area.
Bernhard told with infectious enthusiasm about the many new initiatives on the mountain: 2016, a large Swedish company, specializing in operating ski lift systems and ski areas, bought the entire area’s ski system from lifts to snow preparation. They have already changed several lifts within the first year, that we simply had to try. And there are more of the new perfect lifts on their way. The Swedes have great plans for the area, which have already been put into operation and can be seen unfolding in the coming years.
Valle as an example is a children’s mascot, which is also the central figure at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre 2019. Valle is also in St Johann in Tirol. The children love him, he participates in several events during the day and runs even surprisingly well on skis. The ski schools are divided in relation to the three stations for the skiing. Take the closest one, everyone is qualified or choose for recommendations or those your bureau may use and suggest.

Angerer-Alm-St.-Johann-in-Tirol-morgenmads buffet

Angerer-Alm-St-Johann-in-Tirol-breakfast buffet

Charming Angerer Alm on the mountain in St Johann in Tirol

In the middle of the hill at 1300 meters altitude just above the middle station of the middle of the main lifts, we found an unusually charming mountain lodge Angerer Alm, which is something as unusual as both restaurants, bar, event venue, wine cellar and hostel in the good sense.

Annemarie Foidl Angerer Alm St. Johann

Annemarie Foidl Angerer Alm St. Johann

The owner is Annemarie Foidl, who, in addition to taking good care of her guests and offering them irresistible food and superb white wine directly from the large cellar, is also the president of the Austrian sommelier association, so we listened well in the hour when we got lesson 1 in Austrian white wine. It is, as you know, one of the best in the world.

We also saw the incredible wine cellar cut into the mountain and therefore with the right temperature.

Angerer-Alm-St.-Johann-in-Tirol-den labyrintiske vinkælder i bjerget

Angerer-Alm-St.-Johann-in-Tirol-den labyrintiske vinkælder i bjerget.

Som referencemåtid og med skyldig hensyntagen til vi skulle videre på ski  uden styrtløb tog vi  een ret: en wienerschnitzel, der var lige i skabet. Befriende at få denne klassiske ret perfekt tilberedt.  Tyndt banket, mørt og lækkert kalvekød, velsagtens inderlår, sprøde brødkrummer/ rasp. Ingen ansjos i midten eller kapers og peberrod med 1/8 citron i midten. Vi prøvede at forklare, at det var det danske, primært æstetiske bidrag til retten, og blev mødt med smilende skepsis. Velsagtens som at garnere frikadeller  med sauerkraut. Do not go there.




Angerer-Alm-St.-Johann-in-Tirol-rustikke værelser

Angerer-Alm-St.-Johann-in-Tirol-rustikke værelser

Vi så alle værelserne, og de er yderst bjerg-rustikke, ganske romantiske og alle vidt forskellige. Der er håndvaske og rigeligt med privat bad og toilet på gangen, ja flere at vælge imellem.

Annemarie Foidl Angerer Alm St. Johann

Overnatninger kan bookes på linket herunder,  og du kan så spise en god aftensmad og sove som en sten i den klare alpeluft for at vågne udhvilet om morgenen i en dejlig 200 år gammel bjerghytte med ild i pejsen, se solen står op over Kitzbüheler Alpen og få den store østrigske morgenmad,  før du træder direkte ned i skistøvlerne på pisten og kører mod dalen. Sådan begynder en rigtig god dag på skiferie.
Se Angerer Alm´s hjemmeside:

Angerer Alm link


Hotel Post im St. Johann, lækker bar og virkelig gode drinks

Hotel Post im St. Johann, lækker bar og virkelig gode drinks

Afterskiing for voksne på Hotel Post. the pride of St Johann

Afterskiing kunne sagtens foregå  i en af barerne på  “Hotel Post”, der blev totalt renoveret for i 2016 og er et imponerende godt hotel. Her sidder du med folk fra mange lande og mange lokale og nyder din Gin & Tonic, der er lavet med en bartender viden, du skal lede længe efter. Stemningen og musikken er lounge og chill-out. Priser på drikkevarer er meget præcist de 1/2 af i Danmark. Så vil du spare 1/2 af din barregning eller drikke det dobbelte. Decisions, decisions.


Hotel-Post-Appartment værelse-med-soveværelse-og-opholdsafdeling

Det var nemt at finde hjem, da vi boede på hotellet. Under en gennemgribende renovation i 2016-2017 blev intet sparet. Og hotellet imponerer fra den underjordiske parkeringskælder til fitness center og 3 slags sauna og badstue.

Hotel post restaurant

Hotel Post, en af flere lækre restauranter på hotellet

Værelserne er store, luftige, mange med balkon med udsigt over skiterrænet. Der er flere restauranter og barer og der er vinkælder og konference faciliteter.

St. Johann roastbeef på tirolsk på Hotel Post

St Johann i Tirol roastbeef på ægte tirolsk på Hotel Post

Intet mangler. Heller ikke en hjertelig og personlig betjening. Det koster naturligvis noget at blive så seriøst  forkælet, men regningen er i den fornuftige ende af skalaen, alt taget i betragtning.



Hotel Post hjemmeside


Kan du tilfældigvis lide mikrobryggeri øl? Sehr gut!

Du kunne også vælge at besøge byens mikrobryggeri som også er restaurant og hedder Øltårnet. Helt under taget  i   det flere etager høje bryggeri ligger en restaurant med udsigt til alle 4 verdenshjørner fra St. Johann i Tirol. Her serveres gedign og lækker mad, der matcher de forskellige, lad os kalde dem bjergøl fra mærket Huber lavet på stedet Huberbrau. Et ikke så lille mikrobryggeri med masser af atmosfære. Og de nørder øl til perfektion hele dagen lang. Er du til god øl, så er det besøg et must. Vær åben for nye måder at lave øl på er et godt råd. De mørke øl er typisk lidt lettere end vore. Renhed synes at være dna. De kan deres metier.

Øltårnets hjemmeside

I parentes bemærket fik vi i St Johann i Tirol overvejende opdateret rustikt østrigsk køkken. Du kan sagtens få en karry pølse, ca. 2 gange en dansk i vægt med pommes fritter, man er ikke hellig her på den måde. Du skal dog faktisk lede lidt og gå en lille omvej for at få en pizza. Man er tro ved sin madkultur og sine traditioner, inklusive koncerter og optræden,  og det er med fuld føje. Fast food findes bogstavelig talt ikke. Du får også her den rene vare.

St. Johann roastbeef på tirolsk på Hotel Post

Frugtschnaps, der smager som naturen selv

En sen eftermiddag lagde vi vejen forbi  destilleriet Aggstein lige uden for selve St Johann i Tirol,  der arbejder videre udfra en  5000 år gammel tradition: Destillering af frugtsnaps, men man laver også østrigsk grappa og den reneste gin vi har smagt i nyere tid. Ikke den mest komplicerede med et utal af botanicals, men 3 der var perfekte. Less is more. Destilleriet har en guidet tur, der er et must! Du sættes på en yderst behagelig prøve med hensyn til din lugte og smagssans og bliver meget klogere på den rene frugtsnaps og dobbeltdistillering og andre fagbegreber suppleret med videoer inde i en kæmpe vintønde som er indrettet som mini-bio.

Alt er udsøgt og ledet af Marc Aggstein og hans hustru, et familieforetagende siden åbningen i 1885, og der skænkes gæstfrie mængder af snaps, før du køber. Det kunne være en medvirkende årsag til vi kom derfra i fint humør med flere eksemplarer af de rene, men heller ikke gratis dråber. Til 1/2 liter destilleret frugtbrændevin går der fra 17 -40 kilo frugt og processen kræver omhyggelighed og tid og ikke mindst faglig dygtighed. Vi besøgte en af Østrigs dygtigste producenter, og er du på de kanter her i St. Johann i Tirol, så kig forbi, men find en “designated driver” 🙂

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