Red Bull X-Alps crazy adventure race

Red Bull X-Alps in the Alps. It’s pretty crazy.

Red Bull X-Alps adventure sport. It is a cross-extreme sport with a combination of different sports and almost superhuman physical and mental stamina. And you have to be a really experienced hang glider to participate.

Also, see the majestic top of Zugspitz in Austria.

Watch the movie, but less can actually do it to get a kick out. Life should not be put at risk for a bold holiday and the fulfillment of big dreams and aspirations, but it is there that “holiday” and “adventure” meet as concepts, It is life-affirming to see what we as humans can achieve, and Traveltalk wants to bring many more stories, movies and photo inspiration for your next adventure/holiday. Could they be at the South Pole next time or in Guatemala’s jungle or Denmark’s oldest adventure run in the mountains of Thy?

Some earlier races


Little facts about the 2017 edition of the race:

2017 was the longest and toughest edition of the race’s 14-year history. Only 32 top athletes from 21 countries can participate in 2017 and only on foot or paragliding. A total of 1,138 km is traveled from Salzburg to Monaco and 7 turning points must be reached in 7 different countries! The route leads through Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Monaco, and for the first time Slovenia.

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