Singapore, a city with an enormous drive

Is there passion in Singapore?

Yes, there are both pulse and passion in Singapore. You can feel the pulse and ambition of the city as you rise fresh and well-rested from the night flight to Singapore. Here so much more happens than we are used to from home, wherever that may be in this the world’s greenest city. The city is rich in experiences and is a multi-dimensional city, from finance to street-art, but not least the city is growing in height. A city that grabs many visitors by its surprising way of being. Let anything, prejudice and expectations stay home. The city has a heart and loads of creativity. Singapore is more aware of the environment, culture and arts than most major cities. And as you know it is a very safe city to visit.

Passion in Singapore from art museums to Gardens by the Bay

Watch the glimpses of the city in a slightly exalted video, but it’s nice. There is passion in Singapore, also in the film people! You can see glimpses in minutes from: ArtScience Museum, Gardens by the Bay, iFly Singapore, National Gallery Singapore and SEA Aquarium. Locations are in order: Sports Hub, ArtScience Museum, Anderson Bridge, Pearl Bank, Victoria Theater, Sultan Mosque, Wall mural at Tiong Bahru, Orchard Gateway, National Gallery, Wall mural at Little India, Arab Street, Everton Park, iLight Marina Bay, MacRitchie Treetop Walk, Gardens By the Bay, Lau Pa Sat, Smoke and Mirrors, Sri Murugan Hill Temple, The Projector, Ion Orchard, ZoukOut, Raffles Marina LightHouse, SEA Aquarium, Henderson Waves, iFly Singapore.

River Hongbao New Year’s Party in Singapore

In Singapore, there are big events every year that transform the city from days to weeks. The biggest is probably the Chinese New Year. If you are close to Singapore during New Year, then you should not cheat yourself of the great experience, it is to see the giant New Year’s party lasting no less than two weeks. On the Hongbao River and Marina Bay, you can/could  watch a giant fireworks that just keeps going on and on. Happy Chinese New Year 2019 Pig Year! It is especially festive in 2019 as the New Year coincides with Singapore’s celebration of its 200th anniversary. Congratulations to Singapore.

From the famous New Year party in Singapore at Marina Bay. Ca. 15 minutes long fireworks in 2019 and the party will stay on for 2 weeks.

Visit fascinating Singapore?

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