Palma de Mallorca

Palma is jet skiing and old history in a wonderful mix.

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of Mallorca for approx. 1 million people, and also the home of the airport,  most of the 15 mills. annual visitors arrive by with certainty.

It is a city that has risen from the stigma of mass tourism in to the 1970s and the good old tourist pioneering days to become an impressive architectural urban renewal with top hotels and restaurants. Palma is also a lot about the life on the harbor front,  that beats most Southern Europe places when it comes to laid-back charm and warmth.

Classic rare American muscle car, vintage blue Ford Mustang She

Classic rare American muscle car, vintage blue Ford Mustang Shelby

It is also an international Mediterranean city with a range of goods and experiences within any genre, that adds to the charm. This applies to department stores, designer brands, art galleries, cultural offerings and a large selection of gourmet restaurants such as more casual cafes, bars, and clubs. Something for every good taste.

Palma di Mallorca, La Seu Cathedral

Palma de Mallorca, La Seu Cathedral

One of Europe’s oldest cities from 122 before our era

In addition, Palma de Mallorca has an old story, so old that it is a little contrary to the fact that you are on a somewhat remote island, and why build there at the time when you had all of mainland Spain to choose from? On the other hand Palma is only 70 km from Barcelona, ​​which is nowadays a trip of less than an hour by plane. So bear with me, here is a little history background.

The city was originally built approx. year 122 before our time. Like so many other regions in Spain, Mallorca came under Arab supremacy, in this case in the year 902. Around the year 1200, the Christians captured Mallorca back. In 1230, King James (Jaume in Spanish) ordered the construction of La Seu Cathedral near the sea. The cathedral is in the must-see category and is the island’s main building and of great beauty. The funny thing is that it was built on a mosque, so it really faces Mecca. The irony of history.

Colorful facade of a building with an Antoni Gaudi inspired architecture design in Palma de Mallorca in Mallorca on Balearic islands in Spain

Colorful facade of a building with an Antoni Gaudi inspired architecture design in Palma de Mallorca in Mallorca on Balearic islands in Spain

Growth periods in Palma and the old beautiful core of the city

Around 1900, most of the city’s defensive walls were demolished, to make room for the great road that runs around the city, as we know it from Paris. It’s called Avenidas.

Palma has a wonderful old town. The central boulevard Paseo Del Borne offers pleasant strolls under the palm trees only interrupted by shopping and cafe visits. In Calatrava also known as the Cathedral Quarter, you can find many historic palaces and patios.
Quite close to the old town are other popular neighborhoods, such as Santa Catalina, Paseo Marítimo, Terreno, Portixol and Molinar, all with their own character and offer to the visitor

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