Mountain hiking in Norway, the 7 sisters are waiting for you

Are you into mountain hiking, maybe in Norway?

Well, then this will not be much better than mountain hiking in Norway, neither as a nature experience nor as exercise.

Read about the seven Norwegian mountain peaks. Side by side along the coast of Helgeland – between Hurtigruten’s ports of call Sandnessjøen and Brønnøysund – there are seven mountain peaks that are so beautiful that a local legend claims that they are petrified female trolls. So are they.

Trekking near Bergen, Norway

Trekking near Bergen, Norway

The story of a troll hunt

Botnkrona (1072 meters), Grytfoten (1066 meters), Skjæringen (1037 meters), Tvilligerne (980 meters), Kvasstinden (1010 meters) and Stortinden (910 meters) were all daughters of the Suliskongen, who kept them under strict control far up north. One night he fell into such a deep sleep that all seven virgins were able to sneak out on adventures, as young people often do. But Vågekallen, eager to have a wife, lay in wait and pursued them. The sisters fled south along the coast pursued by several trolls who either tried to capture them or save them. But none of them thought of the sun turning all trolls into stones. When night finally turned to morning, the sorceress sisters and their pursuers were petrified. They were all turned into rocks and mountains, making Helgeland’s coastline one of the most beautiful in the world. Now that is a true story.

Vestlandet Norge

Ascension of the seven sisters

The Seven Sisters are so close that a good hiker and mountaineer can handle them all in a single day. The Norwegian Tourist Association estimates that a hiker in good shape in just under thirteen hours should be able to complete the 27-kilometer hike, which has 3225 meters of altitude. If all seven sisters are too challenging, one can always take a trip up one of them. So is mountain hiking in Norway. On with the boots. The 910-meter ridge is the easiest for less experienced hikers. The nearest port of call is Sandenessjøen. You can get maps of hiking trails at the tourist office here. Mountain hiking in Norway in this area is usually from May to September.
The famous Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship sailing in the ocean, along the Seven Sisters waterfall in Norway.

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