Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is worth a visit any time. The unique position with one foot in Spain and another in the Mediterranean and a view of Morocco alone merits a visit.

2020 there will be no changes after Britain left the EU, you can simply park your car in Spain and walk to Gibraltar across the little airport and the landing / taking off area. It is a unique way to enter the UK.

The political situation of Gibraltar

Speaking of which, Gibraltar as a dependent territory of the United Kingdom and also a member of the EU and at that, a stern advocate of the EU facing a year of some important negotiations as Britain left the EU. On top of that Spain will no doubt seize the opportunity to push for Gibraltar having a closer affiliation to Spain.

What will happen to this intriguing rock with the naughty monkeys, the tax-free shopping, the banks, and all the chips and fish served in the city square, almost the first thing you see.

But there is much more to see than monkeys and french fries and Morocco!

And yes you can see Morocco, which is only 11 km away.  You can very clearly see the snowclad Atlas Mountains,  as well as clusters of lights the largest of which being tiny Ceuta, and that is actually a Spanish territory in Africa.

There is a lot to offer to the visitor in Gibraltar:

What the see

  • St. Michael’s cave
  • Moorish Castle
  • The nature reserve park
  • Great Siege,  Grotto
  • Mediterranean Steps, walking in the mountains

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