Food from Asia, from Thailand to China

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Food from Asia. 8 countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India

Food from Asia we happily eat in my home when offered the opportunity here in E. As we confess openly to be food and travel aficionados and considering the deep connection between traveling and tasting the host country’s food as one of the aptest and most precise cultural impressions it is, we have made this a not-so-small comprehensive introduction to Asian food that we add to once in a while and on inspiration. The bonus is, that you have 1000 travel tips right next to this article.

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Vietnamesisk street food

Vietnamese street food

The delicious Asian cuisines with dishes, recipes, and travel ideas

Here is our comprehensive food intro as well as travel suggestions for no less than 10 Asian countries, Yes it is a coherent theme, but not without exciting variations that define the culture and diversity, and similarities of the Asian countries. Ingredients, history, ability, and preferences always show up in local cuisine, not least in street food which is so prevalent in Asia, but remember it is a huge continent, so food throughout Asia is a bit of an exaggeration, but we should probably now there. Good with ambitions, also with better food at home and on the go?

Filipino fusion food

The Philippines as a country was under Spanish rule for several 100 years. Until the country, with the help of the Americans, was liberated from the occupying power of Japan and “set free”. Fusion cuisine, yes because you can taste the influence of the three countries. The Philippines itself most, then Spain and then America. Good burger bars are plentiful here.

Filipino food is inspired by Spanish and US food, a very interesting mix with lots of local influence.

Hong Kong from grilled mini-eels in a pyramid to world-class dim sum on the 20th floor

In addition to the almost mythical story, it is an extremely tasty dish. The incredible story of a signature dish in Hong Kong Beggar´s chicken There sounds a gentle “crack” the second the hammer ends its fall towards the mysterious ball. we are at a traditional Hong Kong restaurant with a flair for old fine dishes. Hong Kong is perhaps Asia’s most international economic center, so there is delicious food for all tastes.

Beggar’s Chicken served in Hong Kong

Beggar´s Chicken served in Hong Kong

Indian food

I like so many others also love Indian food, which is perhaps the most fragrant in all of Asia with a deep and satisfying  timbre of well-tuned spices. I have lived in a house where we housed an Indian family posted by the WHO and they made curry from scratch every day.

Is there any other way?

Indian food coming soon

Japanese food from sushi to 20 other tasty and aesthetic dishes from great Japan

Japanese food. Asia’s exquisite cuisine with an incredible tradition. Kanpai! Japanese food begins with the big chapter, sushi. What we have taken with us with so much appetite in Denmark. There is an incredible amount of other food in Japan and ways to cook in Japan. We think it’s wildly exciting.

Japanese food at its very best, article on its way

Japansk mad er meget mere end sushi. 25 nye japanske retter

Chinese food, the cuisine of the 4 corners of the world

Chinese food from Beijing to Shanghai, dishes, history, recipes. Chinese food from Beijing to Shanghai, like China itself, is seen with our own eyes, as huge, complicated, and different. But China is also when we talk food, and we do, refined and deeply diversified cuisine that can be written long books about, but now find a real version of the Chinese cuisine such as. Dim Sum dishes and you will be quite pleasantly surprised, we guess if you do not just cultivate sophisticated China food in advance. Some do, and more will follow suit.

Chinese food article on its way

Kinesisk mad fra Beijing til Shanghai

Korean food is really exotic and worth trying

Korean food should be part of the inner circle when the theme is exciting food from all over Asia. It houses some of the most exotic dishes ever seen. The most famous ingredient is Kimchi, fermented cabbage. A very safe older take on Sauerkraut. At least a distant cousin. But it stops far from there.

Korean food article on its way

Det koreanske køkken


Singapore’s cuisine is international and sophisticated

A funny story about a new famous street hawker in Singapore, it’s someone selling food on the street who got a Michelin star that changed his life from day to day. But Singapore is a world city with its own signature cuisine, clearly influenced by Chinese food but also Malaysian tradition.

Singapore Michelin food for 3 usd

Michelin star to Singapore street food


Thai food is totally adopted, the most popular cuisine in Food from all of Asia

The largest Asian cuisine according to Western tastes, several articles and more than 25 dishes, many with easily accessible recipes. Also food knowledge about the many exotic vegetables and fruits and why many of them are very healthy.

Thai food as we love it

Thai food. More than 20 Thai dishes, you simply must taste

Turkish food from Menemen to Iskender Kebab, a central part of the subject Food from all of Asia

Turkish food and Turkish cuisine from Menemen to Iskender kebabs. Turkish food and Turkish cuisine have deserved a review from breakfast to night food. It’s not just fast food. It’s nice old food culture. Like French, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. It is a world cuisine with great acceptance and spread in gastronomy and is present on the corner of any big city with respect for itself.

Turkish food

Turkish Food is world food. Delicious, healthy and tempting

Vietnamese cuisine from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnamese food is a light and elegant cuisine with crispy cute little spring rolls and lots of exciting dishes. Here is everything you should know about Vietnam´s cuisine from north to south. Vietnamese food came far from first to Denmark from Asia, and here you get a great intro to Vietnamese food including Vietnamese recipes.

Vietnamese delicious food

Vietnamese Food from Hanoi to Saigon

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