Fishing Holidays in Europe

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Fishing Holidays in Europe: A Diverse Angler’s Paradise

Fishing holidays in Europe offer a wealth of opportunities for enthusiasts, with its diverse landscapes, pristine waters, and abundant fish populations. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of reeling in salmon from Scotland or casting your line for Mediterranean species in Greece, fishing holidays in Europe provide memorable experiences. This article explores the best fish to catch, travel tips, and notable destinations across the continent.

What are the best fish to catch? Salmon in Scotland and Norway?

Scotland: The pristine rivers of Scotland, such as the River Spey and the River Tay, are renowned for Atlantic salmon fishing. The season generally runs from February to October, with the peak months in summer. You might also encounter brown trout and sea trout in these waters.

Norway: Norway is a top destination for salmon fishing, with dramatic fjords and rivers providing excellent angling opportunities. Salmon runs usually peak from June to August. Norway’s cold, clear waters are home to some of the largest salmon in the world.

Norway is a top destination for salmon fishing

Trout in Ireland and Iceland

Ireland: Ireland’s lakes and rivers, including Lough Corrib and the River Moy, are prized for brown trout and salmon fishing. The trout season typically runs from March to September, making it a popular spot for fly fishing.

Iceland: Iceland offers anglers the chance to catch large brown trout in its remote rivers and lakes. The island’s wild and rugged landscapes add to the allure of the experience. The trout season varies, but summer months are the most popular.

Fishing Holidays in Europe

Trout fishing

Pike in Sweden and Finland

Sweden: Sweden’s countless lakes make it a pike angler’s paradise. The pike season runs from late spring through summer, and the country’s archipelagos provide ideal locations for coastal fishing.

Finland: Finland’s extensive network of lakes and archipelagos offers superb pike fishing. The season typically spans from late spring to early autumn. Fishing from a boat is a popular method.

Catfish and Zander in France and Germany


France: Along the River Lot and other water bodies, you can target the Welsh catfish, one of Europe’s largest freshwater fish. Zander, a prized catch, is also found in French rivers. Spring and summer are ideal seasons.

Germany: Germany offers great angling opportunities for zander and other species in its rivers and lakes. The spring and summer months are particularly productive.

Mediterranean Species in Spain, Italy, and Greece

Spain: Spain’s Mediterranean coastline is a paradise for anglers interested in warm-water species like sea bass, red snapper, and tuna. Coastal fishing is popular, and you can enjoy the pleasant climate year-round.

Italy: Italy’s coastal areas along the Mediterranean are perfect for sea fishing, with opportunities to catch various Mediterranean species. Spring and summer are prime times for this type of angling.

Greece: The Greek islands and their crystal-clear waters provide a backdrop for fishing Mediterranean species, including sea bass and red snapper. You can fish in the Mediterranean throughout the year, but summer offers the warmest waters.

Fishing Holidays in Europe Travel Tips and Facts

Fishing Holidays in Europe

Fishing Holidays

Scotland: When fishing for salmon in Scotland, be prepared for variable weather conditions. Hiring a local guide is a great way to enhance your experience, as they know the best spots. Many rivers in Scotland operate a catch-and-release policy for salmon to support conservation.

Norway: Norway’s “Allemannsrett” or “right to access” allows you to fish in most waters without a permit. However, in salmon rivers, a fishing license is required, and it’s essential to follow local rules and regulations.

Ireland: To fish in Ireland, you’ll need an angling permit, which is often provided by your accommodation or local fishing associations. Many Irish lakes and rivers are set in picturesque landscapes, making your angling experience even more memorable.

Sweden and Finland: Both countries offer excellent pike fishing opportunities. Sweden’s vast archipelagos and Finland’s numerous lakes require different permits. Respect the environment by practicing catch-and-release.

Fishing Holidays in Europe

Pike Fishing

France and Germany: Fishing in France and Germany often requires a fishing permit, and regulations vary by region. Hiring a local guide can be immensely helpful in understanding local rules and finding the best fishing spots.

Spain, Italy, and Greece: Coastal fishing in the Mediterranean is accessible to tourists, and you can often rent equipment locally. Fishing permits are generally not required for recreational fishing, but it’s important to be aware of size and bag limits for specific species.

Fishing holidays in Europe offer a wide range of experiences, from tranquil lakeside retreats to exciting coastal adventures. Remember to respect the environment, adhere to local regulations, and prioritize catch-and-release practices to ensure the sustainability of these fantastic fishing destinations. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, Europe’s diverse fishing opportunities are sure to create lasting memories.

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