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San Marino

San Marino is a miracle and an exception. Everyone been there knows that, try driving from trendy Milan up the small mountain and be greeted by friendly traffic police in beautiful dove blue uniforms that ensure free access to the tax-free luxuries at the top.

San Marino is the world’s fifth smallest country

This a surprising world’s fifth smallest country in the midst of Italy and an seriously old republic. It is completely surrounded by Italy and lies between the regions of Emilia-Romagna and the Marche, close to the Adriatic coast and Rimini. The mini Republic is located literally on top of a cliff or small mountain Monte Titano. Here is the fortress of La Guaita. San Marino is one of the oldest republics in the world. The first constitution is from 1263.

Rocca della Guaita, the most ancient fortress of San Marino, Italy

Rocca della Guaita, oldest  fort in San Marino, Italy

You may include Rimini near by

The republic is located west of Rimini and enjoys three million tourists per year, which with euros as currency buy VAT-free from the many stores. 3 million tourists a year is quite a lot. Eg. Barcelona has 7 million. Tourists save 20% VAT.

Grand Prix of San Marino at Imola

The place is known for its Formula 1 race, the Grand Prix race, which since 1980 has been held on the first Sunday in May at the Imola track near Milan. That way, Italy has two Grand Prix races.


Mille Miglia

The area  is 61 km². There are more than 30,000 inhabitants in the country, some of whom perceive themselves as Italians and not Santamarines.

San Marino and Mille Miglia, the most famous veteran cars race

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