The trip through the jungle to El Mirador. On adventure in Guatemala

El Mirador, luxury beach days or a trip through the jungle?

Do you have 5 days you don’t know what to use for? So here’s a suggestion. You probably just have to give transport time for air transport with lay-over to Guatemala, but we guarantee you an experience a little beyond the bike ride to the nearest baker. So maybe 14 days is better?




Miracle el Mirador

Here is the story of El Mirador, one of Maya’s most important testimonies. First, you go to Guatemala, then sign up for a small jungle hike of 5 days through the jungle to one of the wonders of the world: the Mayan Indians temples and pyramids in the middle of the jungle. If you have enough money, you can take a helicopter, but you cannot drive, there is no road, only deep jungle. The temples of the Mayan Indians were built approx. 500 years before our era, and they were abandoned 1500 years later, apparently inexplicable. The complexity of the construction and pure engineering are on par with the pyramids in Egypt and the size as well. It’s pretty impressive.

It takes 5 days walking by jungle, but without roads, only through deep jungle paths. You must be mentally and physically prepared for this. In your life, you rarely have experienced such great joy, as when El Mirador pops up between towering trees and vines in an open area such as a gondola, a reflection of the sea. You have arrived and transported 1000 s of years back in time. Tired and close to happy and intact minus a few insect bites to one of the UNESCO’s most conservation-worthy sights: El Mirador, the Mayan Indians’ final statement. They might say to us. “We were here 2600 years before you and our culture was everything else just on the given premises quite successfully, not”.


The missing Maya people

So what about the Mayan Indians? They had created an advanced culture and amazing buildings, but the climate was against them in the end. Do we know that situation? Many years of too low rainfall made them unable to harvest enough to feed themselves. This has proven the great research of recent years. They were excellent mathematicians and so much else. They could calculate the position of the planets in the sky several hundred years into the future, but not control that it rained enough for a good harvest. We have more in common with the old fantastic Mayans and other ancient cultures that we might just think.

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