Dholl Puri and Mauritius street food

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Dholl Puri

Dholl Puri is a popular street food dish that originated in Mauritius, which is a small island nation located in the Indian Ocean. It is a type of thin, flatbread made from yellow split peas, filled with a spiced mixture of ground split peas known as “dholl” and often served with chutney, pickles, and curry.


Dholl Puri can typically be found at street food stalls, food markets, and restaurants in Mauritius. It is a beloved dish among locals and visitors alike, and it is considered one of the national dishes of Mauritius.

As for the best place to get this delicious street-food, it can be subjective as taste preferences vary. However, some popular places known for their delicious Dholl Puri in Mauritius include:

Best street-food and food markets in Mauritius

Port Louis Central Market: This bustling market in the capital city of Port Louis is known for its variety of street food stalls serving Dholl Puri. Many locals and tourists frequent the market to taste this authentic street-food.
Dewa & Sons: This famous food stall located in Port Louis is known for its delicious Dholl Puri, which is often praised for its soft and flavorful filling.
Le Jardin de Beau Vallon: This restaurant in Beau Vallon, Mauritius, is known for serving Dholl Puri with a twist, offering a fusion of Indian and Mauritian flavors. It has received positive reviews for its unique take on the dish.
Street food stalls in Flacq: Flacq is a town in Mauritius known for its bustling street food scene. Many street food vendors in Flacq offer Dholl, and you can find various stalls with their own spin on the dish.

It’s always a good idea to ask locals or fellow travelers for recommendations, as personal preferences vary. Trying Dholl from different places can be a fun culinary adventure in Mauritius!

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