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Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse to the very top of Austria´s Alps

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse. Drive up the highest mountain in Austria. Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse is all about heights and unbelievable views. In Austria, there are several mountain peaks exceeding the height of  3000 m. Actually almost 25. One of them, the majestic Grossglockner stretches a full 3798 meters towards the sky. The highest…
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Seaside hotels in Turkey near the Mediterranean

Selected boutique and seaside hotels in Turkey Seaside hotels in Turkey along the huge and beautiful Mediterranean seaside? We focus on Western Turkey here bordering on the Med. from Bodrum to Fethiye. Turkey is mainly situated in Asia geographically speaking but is also the closest country you can reach in Asia…
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Boutique Hotels around the world

Boutique Hotels around the world, the traveltalk exclusive selection If you are looking for a place that offers a comfortable bed with a warm feeling of home, then what you are looking for is a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels have been the ultimate alternative for affluent visitors. But the fascinating fact…
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The exquisite French Cuisine in no particular order

French Cuisine from the provinces to Paris French cuisine is in a league of its own. When it comes to food, France seems to have had a clear advantage in a long culinary history with excellent cuisine and good food in constant and continuous development. Escoffier, the French master chef…
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Italian Food, what to eat traveling in Italy

Italian Food, developed to perfection over more than 1.000 years Italian cuisine (cucina) is much more than a form of food; it is a way of life in a country where family, friendship and celebrations are indelible. Italian cuisine is simple, vibrant, and good for you. Italy is one of the…
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Mexican Food, food and traveling in Mexico.

Mexican Food, 5 minutes intro to 20 dishes you must try in Mexico. Mexican food is known all over the world for its amazing composition of local and ethnic cuisine. Mexico’s food delivers a delicious and vibrant cuisine. Mexico’s numerous states detail a mouth-watering a-la-carte that redefines true taste to…
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St Johann in Tirol for a quality skiing holiday in the Alps

St Johann in Tirol offers a real quality skiing experience St Johann in Tirol is one of the most beautiful Alpine towns in Austria and just a short drive from Munich/München. Only approx. 2 hours by car. You can drive from Denmark in Scandinavia in 11-14 hours and literally without…
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African food from Egypt to South Africa

African food, more than 25 dishes from the classic African cuisine African food includes a combination of traditional fruits and vegetables, exotic meats, and fish found on the continent. The African DNA of the culinary surge is due to a marinade of cultures, settlements, trade routes, and history. As vast…
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Palau free of Covid and a marvel to behold

Palau, totally free of Covid19? Palau, free of Covid? A group of islands in the Pacific Ocean (Oceania) that’s one of the few places on Earth free from Covid-19 could become one of the first countries vaccinated the recommended 2 times for the whole population against the disease. The Republic of…
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Golf in Dubai, if you seek a perfect golfing day

Golf in Dubai, a pitching wedge from sand and sea Golf in Dubai is a big thing in the golf world. Race to Dubai on the European Tour and in general a top-notch reputation. The emirates’ eminent courses are most common in Dubai, by the Arabian Gulf Bay by chance. These…
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National Golf Club, Belek

National Golf Club in Belek, Turkey One classic golf course, one must necessarily play on the Turkish golf coast, if you want to test the level of golf in Turkey,  is the Championship Course at the National Golf Club. Although it was the Belek region’s first course, it was a…
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